Starting out..

Hi, my name is Deanna.  I’ve been looking for years for a blog post for younger homesteaders.  Being only 20, most ‘young’ homestead are a lot older than me, married with kids, and a few years experience under their belts..  But what about those people out there that want to start homesteading at a young age and are by themselves?

Thanks to an amazing friend who has inspired me to start my own blog, I have finally decided to come out onto the internet to help others like me.

I’ve only got one year of homesteading under my belt, but after one year, I already know an insane amount more then I did last year!  One year is all it takes to take you from a frantic homestead newborn, into a homesteading toddler who is walking the walk and talking the talk.

So where do you begin?  Well..

I personally suggest something simple when starting out.  All you need, is a binder, a few seeds, and a place to grow things (ground, pots, hot bed, greenhouse, etc.).

Now, first thing is the most simplest thing you will do and it has saved me so much time and sanity to do this first.  The Binder!  Grab a simple binder, fill it with paper, and everything you do from here on out, goes in the binder!  Planing seeds?  Save the seed packet in the binder, that way next year, you know what you planted exactly and can plant it again!  Have a garden all ready to plant?  Write in the garden what got planted and where!  That way, you know for next year where to plant (or where not to plant) your next crop.  Working on a project that has nothing to do with the garden but is still for the homestead?  Put it, along with lots of pictures, in the binder!  You’ll thank me, and yourself, next year.  Looking back on when and what year you did it is going to really help you in the long run!

Okay, so you have a binder but nothing to put in it..  My advice to you,  start small!  You can’t be a homestead overnight.  Thinking that in the first year you can have a veggie garden, chickens, goats, a flower garden, fruit trees, or any other crazy thing you want on your property all at once is insane!  You’ll be overwhelmed by the work it takes.  Start small!  Start with a veggie garden, plant a few things this year in it, and don’t make it too big!  Remember, you’ll be watering this thing every morning, and weeding it at least 1-2  times a month.  A small garden makes more food than you think.  After you have that under your belt, add a little more every year.

I started out with a veggie garden last year, making a compost next to it as well.  It took a lot of work to keep up with the garden, compost, and mowing the huge property.  Eventually, I fell behind on my mowing because it was so hot and rainy here, and there always seemed like there was so much to do and no time to do it.  But this year, I’m keeping up with my veggie garden, I’ve added a cut flower garden, keeping up with the mowing, and even making my compost bigger this year!  I’m excited to see what I’ll add to the property next year, and I know I’ll be able to handle it, because I’ve started slow, got the hang of it, and will be able to put more on my plate next year.

So that’s it for my first blog post..  Start small, get a binder, and it doesn’t matter what age you are, you can never be too young to start homesteading or gardening.


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