To soon for Fall?

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Fall; the time when summer stuff gets put away for the winter and my obstacle course has to be taken down before the first frost.  The time when Halloween decorations come out and school busses start racing down the dirt road again.  And the time when the leaves will be giving me a backache from raking leaves all day, everyday.

The small leaves on the trees have already started falling here on the property, and the first harvest holiday has come and gone.  It’s looking a lot like Fall is starting to appear..

I can already see the horrified looks on the southern readers faces, ‘But it’s still summer!  It’s August!’  Yes, it is August, and a chilly 60-70 degrees has spread across the country side.  I’m wearing pants and long sleeves today, while mowing the grass and leaves.  My veggie garden is starting to finally produce some food.  And though I know there will be an Indian Summer (a time in late fall when it’ll randomly turn 90 degrees before snowing), I know I’ve got to get my fall clothes out soon and take stock of my winter clothes.

Fall time here, means there is a lot to do before winter!  It’s also a great time to camp outside and have bonfires!  But mostly preparing for the long winter days ahead.

The trees that I’ve just planted will loose their leaves soon (it’ll be a real treat to see them change colors!) and the unwanted animals will be heading into hibernation and won’t be bugging me till spring!

Another great thing about Fall is, the big fishing festival here in my small town.  This  year will be the first time in years I’ll get to not only go to it, but I’ll be selling some of my yarn creations I’ve made there!  I’m super excited for that!  The fishing festival isn’t all about fishing of course!  There are rides, games, food vendors, and towns people selling their homemade products right in main street!  (One road with a bunch of shops that gets shut down for the festival).  There is also a parade that runs a few streets down from the main road.  Now, lucky for me, I happen to know someone right next to main street who is letting me use his yard to sell my stuff, so that I don’t have to buy a booth up town for an outrageous price!  But more about all that later..

Back to Fall, what are YOU doing to prepare for winter this fall?  Maybe it’s just, raking leaves and cleaning your gutters, or maybe you have to cut wood for your furnace and stockpile food in case you get snowed in and can’t get to a store.  Whatever it is, now’s the time to start!  Because fall is here for the North, and just around the corner for the South.

Here in the winter, we get snowed in a lot!  Living in a dirt road, our road isn’t exactly a priority for snowplows, so we make sure to take appropriate measures to make sure we can make it through the winter with our sanity and enough food in our bellies.

(You know, I’ve noticed that I use ‘we’ and ‘our’ a lot and feel like I should explain..  My Grandparents and I live together on this homestead.  I help take care of them in their old age, and my Grandmother in return teaches me how to do a lot of stuff around here that I’m new to.  So when I say ‘we’ do this, or ‘our’ garden, I mean my Grandparents and I)

Well, that ends this blog for today.  Fall is upon us, time to start getting ready for Winter!  Carve a pumpkin, go on a Fall drive to see the leaves, and start working on your fall bucket list!  Have a great Thursday!


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