Naps aren’t just for kids

My day starts out at 6-7 am.  I wake up and water my garden, which takes about half an hour to an hour.  I then feed the cats, both outside and inside, before ever having breakfast.  THEN, I make my breakfast (usually scrambled eggs on toast) and some tea and sit down to watch the news and see what the weather will be like that day.  Then it’s off  to getting some crocheting in for the day and before I know it, it’s lunch time!

Now, the grass is normally to wet to mow ’till after 3, and I’ve got at least 1-2 things crocheted by now, plus the heat/humidity is normally to hot to do anything outside.  So with nothing to do, I eat and take a nap (not necessarily in that order) so that I can have some down time before beginning again.

No, it’s not lazy to take a nap..  Homesteading is hard!  Heck, LIFE is hard!  So why not take a nap?

After my nice refreshing nap, I’m ready to take on my chores for the rest of the day (mowing, cutting wood, weeding, cooking, working out, ect.)!  There is a lot to do!

So the next time you wanna take a nap, don’t feel lazy!  Just think of it as charging yourself up so that you can do more work!  After all, you wouldn’t use your phone to play a game when it’s on 2% would you?

Sorry for such a short blog post, I truly have a lot to do and will tell you why in the Thursday blog post!  For now, rest, relax, and recharge.  Have a great day!


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