Getting ready for the fishing festival..

For for those of you who have not read my ‘The crafts I make and will soon sell’ blog post, I am setting up my first ever craft booth with up at the local fishing festival.  And I’m terrified!

Something that only a small handful off my family and close friends know about me is, I have really bad anxiety.  I never tell people about it because they ether don’t take me/my anxiety seriously, or they make way to big a deal about it and ask me if I’m okay every ten seconds.  So for me to be able to even say yes to doing this in the first place was something I struggled with for a while.  I’m not used to big crowds, and hate being the center of attention..

So why the heck am I setting up a booth in a crowded festival where I’ll have to talk to countless people and be the center of attention at my craft booth?  I ask myself that very question everyday..  Seriously..

I think that some boundaries are meant to be stretched.  And although I do struggle with anxiety everyday, and it’s not something I talk about and I try not to let it define me, I do try to stretch my boundarys as much as I can when I am able to.


With the fishing festival drawing near (tomorrow!), I am trying to get everything ready while still trying to keep a bit of my nerve.

IMG_20180814_100805I’ve done a few practice runs with my booth, getting it set up the way I want it, and timing myself to know how long it takes me to set up and take down my booth.  Now I just need to double check that I have everything I need for the event (tape, price tags, trash/paper bags, etc..) in a container that is ready to go and easy to pull out and rifle through.

It is so strange to be making things like scarves and hats now, now that I know it won’t be sold at the festival this year.  My inventory list is already written out so that I know what sells, and in what color, so that I know what to make for next year’s fishing festival.

I’ve organized all my inventory into two totes and stacked inside so that I can replace anything that needs replacing on the shelves quick and easy.  A third tote, has my snacks, clothespins, price tags, some stuff to work on while sitting there, some cool down wipes, and other stuff I need for setting up and sitting there all day.

I’m also bringing a huge umbrella with me to keep myself cool in the shade, though with this wind we have been having here, I don’t think that heat will be much of a problem..  I should be more worried about the umbrella flying away!  Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain this weekend like it’s supposed to!



Wish me luck as I plunge into this festival tomorrow!  Keep your fingers crossed that the weather stays at bay!!  I’ll be posting pictures next Tuesday with a full account on what happened and how it went.  Have an amazing Thursday, and I hope the weather stays nice for you all as well.


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