What a weekend!

Sigh, it’s been a looooooooong weekend!..





The first day went great!  I had a lot of unexpected friends who came to visit me, and some family came there to hang out with me for a few minutes at a time.  There were a lot of nice people from the festival that came over to say ‘hi’ and were so nice and sweet, but boy could those small town people talk!

The rain, thankfully, stayed away until night time.  But the wind was a huge problem that I wasn’t expecting.  I had to use bungee cords to keep the clothes rack displays attached to my table, and even then the wind tried very hard to knock them over.

I got to see a lot of family and friends who came out just to see me (some of them from out of state who were visiting) and sold some stuff to my family who genuinely loved my work!




Saturday, I wanted to change the display a bit to get my hat and beards selling, so I stuck them where people could see them walking back and forth.  Sadly, they had no idea what they were!   So I thought I would try something different and wear one to show people what they were, and it worked very well!


(Me wearing my favorite hat and beard^)

I got a husband and wife to get not only buy a hat and beard for the husband, but a unicorn hat for the wife!  They were so happy with the products and the price, and I was happy that they were happy.

Later that day, this guy seen the hat and beard I was wearing and came up to me and said; ‘Oh that’s cool!  I’ve got to get something from here, these things are great!’.  He browsed for a minute or two and to my surprise, he took the clips off the ponytail hats!  I wasn’t sure if he realized that there were holes in the top of the hat, so I mentioned it while he placed them on the table.  His response?  ‘I know, I’m growing my hair out.’  He responded with a wide grin.  I had to smile at that!  Way to go dude, you do you!


After several hours there, I finally packed up the truck at 4pm (no one was coming my way, they all wanted the live music and food down the road).  The wind was terrible and was blowing my stuff down while packing up, so I knew I had made the right decision to leave before the wind for worse.  Needless to say, I went home exhausted!



Sunday was a rest day, so my family did nothing but sleep.  My grandparents drove me to the festival, and stayed with me there both days, so they were exhausted as well!  I was so happy to sleep in my nice soft warm bed, and was guilty to admit my gardens went unchecked that day..

Sadly, we’ve had a problem with fleas and the cats..  They have apparently moved on from the cats, to attack me personally!  No one else has gotten bitten by these flees, but my body was covered in flee bites!  They were relentless!  They were on my bed, on the couch that I sat at, and everywhere I went..  We bombed the house the first day we were at the festival, but that didn’t seem to do much.  So we planned to get more personal with the flees..




That brings us to yesterday..  I slept on the couch that night and woke up early to go to war..  I took every bit of fabric out of my room and spent the day washing stuff.  I then took all the trash out of my room and threw that away.  The bomb was set and the room was closed off..

I decided to check on my gardens, seeing if they were okay after not checking on them all weekend, and got a great haul of food, along with some cut flowers for the table!


Two cucumbers, three cherry tomatoes, a handful of beans, and a green pepper from a small little pepper plant that couldn’t hold the weight and was bent over..

After the flee bomb was done in my room, I quickly got to work vacuuming every inch of my room, happy to be finding dead flees along the way.  But while putting my bed sheets back on, I found a flee jumping around!  I was furious at these little demons!  I had done everything I could to get them out of my room, and there one was, jumping around in my face like it was happy I was annoyed!

So I won the battle, but not the war..  The fight against flees continues as I struggle to get everything back to normal and clean the house as best as I can..



I hope your weekend was great!  I know I’ll be living off the happiness of how well my crafts sold for quite a while..  Stop and smell the flowers today, and don’t forget to schedule a little downtime for yourself everyday, sometimes you really need it.

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