My little fairy garden

Better late than never getting this in!  I’ve had the stuff sitting on the porch for months, but haven’t had the time to get it done!


We have this ‘rock garden’ where my Grandmother keeps the rocks she collects.  When the last place I had the fairies in didn’t work out (the weeds kept outgrowing the fairies at an alarming rate), I decided to switch them to a spot where the weeds don’t grow.



I added a river of blue rocks and set up a little seating area for the gnomes.  They seemed quite happy there!


Another seating area along with a wishing well.


Snail road, or fairyland..  Hmm..  Which to take..?  Let’s see fairyland!


the fairies look like they’re having fun reading and playing with the flowers and toadstools. 🙂


Even fairies and gnomes need to sit back and have a drink.  wonder what song those gnomes are playing on their pipes..?


Just some gnomes ‘hanging’ around..  If you look close, you can see 4 of the 7 dwarfs from Snow White in the back pots..

Been meaning to put this together for a while..  Better late than never I guess, at least it can stay up for a few months before the snow starts covering everything up.  Hope you’re having a magical day!  I know I am!


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