Halloween on the Homestead

I do love my holidays!  And here on the homestead, Halloween is the second biggest holiday we celebrate!  So all last weekend, while the tree guys FINALLY came back to cut one of our dead trees down (but that’s for another blog post), my Grandmother and I finished decorating the yard for Halloween! 🎃


We love our little witch and her cauldron!


The ghostie tree!  Those are very old bendy ghosts all over the tree.


Pumpkins under every window!


An old lighted chandelier that was found at my parents house.  I took the wiring out, spray painted it green, and added pumpkins for fall.  Now it’s a pumpkin chandelier!



Our little graveyard that I made in a freshly rototilled garden.


We love all the cars that slow down to enjoy our decorations.  And I love walking around the property looking at all the amazing Halloween decorations.  How are you getting ready for fall?  Do you have any special holidays besides Halloween that you celebrate or look forward to?  Have a Happy Halloween! 🎃

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