A letter to my future children..

Just recently, my best friend from the south posted something so inspiring, that I had to show it on here in hopes that it’ll inspire you all as well..


** At the moment I’m working on an autobiography for my creative writing class.

Today’s prompt involved writing a letter to my future child(ren) telling them what I want them to learn from me, and I hope that by posting this I can help all of you too.

“To my beautiful baby (Or babies), I hope and pray that if you take nothing else from this life, you take this to heart. You are “The Real World”. When someone is being shoved into a locker at your school, and you hear someone say the reason that no one helped them is because in the real world they won’t have someone to look out for them, you tell them that you are the real world. That we are the real world.
When the white men rule the world, and a black woman is left behind. When people say “She’ll need to get used to being treated less than, that’s how the real world works.” You show them how the real world works when you run it.

I am so tired of people telling me “That’s how the real world works.” and I hope you are too. The only reason the “Real world” works the way it does is because we’re taught we don’t have to be kind due to that very phrase. When people tell me this “Is how the real world works” all I’m left with is a hunger to change the real world. Our family is one of kindness and acceptance. We love our neighbor for who they are. I sincerely hope that in your life, when you look at the real world you ask yourself, “How can I make this better?”. If you do that I promise that I’ll never be more proud.” **


Reading this made me think of something my Grandmother constantly says to me..  “You’re living in a fantasy world, the world doesn’t work that way.”  It always made me annoyed that my Grandmother would tell me that, because my mother has always taught me that ‘life was what you made it’.  Reading this, also inspired me to write my own letter to my future kid(s).


** To my future kid(s),

If anyone ever tells you something is impossible, prove them wrong!  For the word its self says ‘I’m Possible’.  The world is only as limited as your imagination and determination.  Anything you want, you can have if you work hard enough at it and want it bad enough.

You want to be a ballerina?  I’ll make you the costume!  You want to be a cowboy?  I’ll get you a lasso and you can practice catching the goat!  I’ll help you follow your dreams, no matter how crazy they become (as long as it is good hearted and doesn’t hurt anyone).  I promise to always support you, believe in you, and NEVER tell you your dreams are impossible or stupid!

I will, however, make sure you never give up because it gets to hard.  I will make you do many things on your own so that you can learn from your own failures.  I will make sure you deal with the consequences of your own decisions.  And I will make sure you are tested every step of the way and learning good life lessons.

So to my future child(ren), believe in yourself and chase your dreams, because anything is possible. **


My mother taught me this lesson from a young age, and I wish to pass it on to my kids.  I have always been taught to follow my dreams, make goals, and follow through with them.  Because of that, I’ve accomplish much on this property.  To my surprise though, my Grandmother does not have the same values..  She thinks that many things I want to do are ‘to hard’, ‘to expensive’, ‘I’m to weak’, or the classic, ‘It’s not possible, someone like you just can’t do it’.

Do I listen to her?  Nope!  I prove her wrong and let her negativity go in one ear and out the other.  That’s how I was raised, but I haven’t always been able to do that..  It’s just since I moved back to my hometown that my life and goals have truly been put to the test.  I personally think that, after a year of proving my grandmother’s negative thoughts wrong, and holding on to who I am and how I think, I have passed the test that had been sent my way the past year and it has only made me stronger.

I personally hate when someone tells me that I can’t do something because I don’t know how.  You learn, you adapt, that’s how you learn to do new things!  You have a problem, you learn how to fix it, and then you have the knowledge to help teach a friend when they don’t have the knowledge to do it themselves.  If you would have told me five years ago that I would be building stuff without any knowledge of how to build anything, I would have told you that I clearly couldn’t do it because I didn’t know how to.  But I learned how to!  You can learn to do anything, and I think homesteaders know how to do that all to well. 🙂


What would you tell your future children?  Your future grandchildren?  Great grandchildren?  What wisdom, would YOU pass on to the future generation?

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