Greenhouse; a working project.

Back in April, my amazing parents and grandparents put their heads (and their wallets) together to get me an amazing and huge greenhouse!  I was ecstatic!  There was still frost on the ground, but my father, brother, mother and I all went outside on my Birthday, and put it together.  I loved everything about the greenhouse, the size, the windows on the sides, the warmth inside the second we put the tent over it, but most of all, the fact that my family and I got to put it up together.

I had the soil, seeds, pots, and now, the greenhouse.  I was all ready for early seed starting!

Now, we live on a very windy hill, so my dad and I put a few cinder blocks on the sides of the inside of the greenhouse to keep the wind from blowing it away.  To add a bit of extra protection, the greenhouse came with flimsy rope and tiny stakes.  I quickly traded those in for 550 cord, and thick stakes and staked the greenhouse into place..  I thought it was solid!  That baby was going nowhere!

Sadly, my Grandmother had concerns about the cinder blocks rubbing up against the plastic tent.  After a few days, she had convinced me to move the cinder blocks, assuring that the ropes and stakes would be enough to keep it down..  We made a trip to the store that day, which happened to be an extra windy day.  As we pulled back into our driveway after a long day of shopping, we were horror stricken to find the greenhouse tangled up in a small tree in the front yard!  Both my grandparents and I raced out of the car to wrestle it out of the tree without hurting it further and fighting against the 30mph winds..  It was not pretty, and it was threatening to blow away in us, carrying us with it!

The end result was bent and broken poles and a torn tent..  But it could have been worse..!



It has taken months of waiting, and the help of an amazing family friend, to finally get the greenhouse fixed and ready for winter!

We have an amazing friend who is GREAT with metal work!  I didn’t know just how good that work was until my family went over for a visit and he announced that the flimsy broken pieces I had given him months ago of the broken greenhouse, were replaced with newer stronger pieces.  He showed me his amazing work, and I was so happy I couldn’t wait to race home and try them out.  They fit perfect!  Every pole and every hole fit in PERFECTLY!  I bent the poles back the best I could (which wasn’t hard because it was such cheep metal), and even found a replacement pole in the old chicken coup from an old broken metal swing that was a lucky find!

(The new attachments my friend made.)


(The new pole I found and substituted, isn’t perfect, but better and stronger than the last!)


(Structure complete!)

I’m happy to say that, even though my greenhouse has a long way to go until it’ll be ready for winter, the frame is up and it’s a working project.

For those of you who are curious about what type of greenhouse it was, it was an ‘Outsunny’ greenhouse from amazon..  Now, although I love it, I have many complaints about it.  Including how flimsy the poles are and how quickly it brakes.  It didn’t take much for it to fly away, and those flimsy ropes and stakes that came with it weren’t worth crap..  But, if you happen to live in a non windy and non snowy area, and are looking for a cheap but big greenhouse, then this may just be the tent for you.  Otherwise, I don’t suggest you shop at Outsunny for your greenhouse needs..

I hope you have had a great day! 40 degrees and really windy here today!  But still sunny and productive! 🙂


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