Greenhouse; A working project (Part 2)

After the fiasco of the wind blowing my poor greenhouse away in the spring, I wasn’t taking ANY chances!  This thing was going to stay weather it liked it or not!

After getting the frame up, I needed a way to make it STAY!   I decided on cinder blocks again, only this time, underground.

It was difficult to dig holes around tree roots, but I got two whole cinder blocks on the right side, and two broken-in-half cinder blocks on the left side.  I got lucky on the right side, there was no tree roots at all.  The left side proved harder as there were thick tree roots the size of my arm that I had to work around.


(Holes dug and cinder blocks in)the


Next came securing the greenhouse to the cinder blocks.  I used nylon rope to secure the cinder blocks before burying them under dirt.


(Looks secure to me!)




It’s looking great, now just to find a warm and dry day to put the cover over and move everything into it before winter!


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