Ways to keep warm (when the furnace goes out)

To save money, we weren’t planning on turning out furnace on until November first.  As the nights grew steadily colder, and the house became increasingly cold (at one point the thermostat said 40° inside!), we broke down and decided it was best to turn the furnace on.  Only trouble was, it wasn’t turning on!

So, after scrambling to clean up a bit downstairs before we called the furnace repair man, a few days of cleaning went by when, all of a sudden, the furnace just turned on!  Crisis (somewhat) averted, WE HAD HEAT!

So how did we make it through the chilling month of October with out heat?  Here are a few ways we stayed warm, while the house fought against us..


1. Layers

Dressing in layers is pretty much one of the first things you learn to do up north.  (Though I’ve met many a southerner who knew how to dress in layers too.)  Slipping on leggings or tights under my jeans, wearing a tanktop, long sleeve shirt, and then a hoody, maybe putting on two pairs of socks, are just some of the ways I stay warm in the winter.  And that’s just for inside!  More layers are added for going outside into below freezing temperatures!


2. A scarf and hat

Besides the layers, I like to add a scarf to my outfit most of the time when I’m inside.  My mother and I picked up a LOT of scarves when we lived in Germany, and we got so accustomed to wearing them that I don’t think twice (unless I’m going out to dig in the dirt) to add a scarf around my neck.  It keeps my neck warm and toasty and keeps a little more heat in my body.

As for the hat, I put a hat on almost every night before going to bed.  My room is one of the coldest rooms in the house, and I’m not a big fan of sleeping with my head under the blankets.  Adding a hat to my head, and covering up with blankets up to my neck, keeps a LOT of heat in!  So much so that wearing a scarf to bed along with a hat was to hot for me!  I’ve also taken to wearing a hat around my room when I’m working at my desk and such, it makes work easier when I’m not thinking about how cold I am.


3. Hand warmers

These things are a life saver in the winter time!  When my mother and grandmother asked me what I wanted for Christmas last year, I told them ‘lots and lots of handwarmers’.  And boy did I ever get them!  I had gotten there huge bags between the two of them, and some feet warmers from my Aunt.  I slipped them everyday into my gloves when I had to go out and shovel the driveway in 10°F temperatures!  I’m asking them for the same thing this year, although I think I’ve still got a few left over from last year..


4.  Fuzzy PJ’s

When layers aren’t enough, I find the funniest warmest pair of pajamas I have, and just wear those for the day.  Besides, if you’re living on a homestead out in the country, who’s really going to see you outside feeding animals in your Mickey Mouse pajamas??M


5. Blankets, blankets, and more blankets!

For people who can’t (or refuse to) dress in layers, drape a few blankets over yourself and walk around with a cape on!  For someone like my grandfather, this is one of the only ways to keep him warm.  We can’t dress him in layers, so when he sits in his chair and watches his westerns, throwing a few blankets over him keeps him nice and warm.  Now, if you’re like my brother, then wearing nothing but lounge pants and a blanket over your shoulders is the only way to dress for winter.  (I think I’ll stick to my fuzzy PJ’s..)


6. Coffee, hot cocoa, and tea ❤

Drinking a hot drink and eating hot food is a great way to keep warm in the winter!  I drink hot cocoa or tea every morning while I read.  It’s a great way to warm up AND it’s delicious!


7. Fire

Now, this one should be an obvious..  But fire is warm!  Seriously though, it’s a great way to stay warm.  We have an outdoor fire pit, and if I know I’m going to be outside for a long time, I start a fire so that I can come warm up next to it when I get to cold.  That means I don’t have to go inside every twenty minutes to get warm, and I can throw all my used kleenex’s in the fire!  For those lucky enough to have a wood burning stove, or an indoor fireplace, this is a great way to warm up! (Though if you had these in the first place then you wouldn’t have the problem of a freezing cold house..)


8. Animals

Weather it be a cat, a dog, or a bunny, animals give off GREAT body heat!  My cat, Cally, loves to cuddle with me in the couch!  Whenever my feet are cold and I forget to put socks on, Cally comes up to cuddle with me and is more than happy to lay on my feet to keep them warm (as long as I remember to pet her).  Animals are like our own personal heaters, and they love to spend time with us!  So why not grab a blanket, put it over you and your furry little animal, and watch a movie (preferably Christmas).  You’ll be warm in no time!


9. Working out

I can’t tell you how many times I told my father I was cold and he responded with ‘do 50 jumping jacks and tell me if you’re still cold’.  Thanks dad..  Although I hated hearing that as a kid, as an adult, I’m more open to the things I was told as a kid (aren’t we all).  So when I was freezing my little butt off before bed, I decided to do twenty jumping jacks with a five pound weight in each hand, before crawling into bed.  I was nice and toasty, and was secretly cursing my father for being right.


10. Dancing!

No, really!  When I wake up in the morning and it’s to cold to get out from under my blankets, I turn the TV and my XBOX 360 and put my dance game on.  It’s like working out, but more fun!  After a few songs, and a LOT of dancing, I not only warm, but sweating!  It’s not only a great way to get warm, but a great way to wake yourself up and get an early morning workout in!  This, personally, is my favorite way to get warm.  (You know what they say, save the best for last!)



What are your favorite ways of staying warm when it’s cold inside and out?  Am I missing anything on my list that you would add?

Stay warm this winter!  And have a great day!

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