Greenhouse; A working project (Part Three)

Frame fixed, check.

Frame secured, check!

Tent on?  Check!

Finally, the tent has been patched, pulled over the frame, and secured to the ground!  I HAVE A GREENHOUSE!


I used cinder blocks to strap the tent to the ground, and then cut some logs to run across the bottom of the greenhouse to keep the critters out and keep the flaps of the greenhouse from flying up and letting cold air in.

It looks small on the outside, but it’s much bigger on the inside!



I’ve got plenty of shelves and tables for the greenhouse.  It’s fully stocked with dirt and seed starting containers and ready for the spring!


I’ve had to add a beam to the middle/back of the greenhouse because the top poles there are still a little bent and I couldn’t bend them back as much as I needed to.  I’m hopping this will keep the snow from weighing down on the top and bending it more.


And of course, no greenhouse is complete without a rocking chair and a side table to sit and read while staying warm in my greenhouse!

I’m so glad I got my greenhouse up, and just in time for winter too!  The snow here is on its way and I can’t wait to see how my greenhouse handles the winter months!

Hope you have a great day, smile, and stay warm!

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