Three cats VS one mouse

So the other night before bed, I watched a mouse run into my room right past my feet.  A normal sight here.  The cats love to bring mice up from the basement and let them loose as a game of, well, cat and mouse..

So in my room the mouse went..  I brought the big cat, Icee (nicknamed Garfield), into my room and let him have free roam of my room to catch the mouse (something I never do).  He couldn’t care less that there was a mouse in my room and just flopped on the floor and starred up at me like ‘now what?’  So I let him out and grabbed MY cat, Cally.



Cally was far more attentive than Icee when it came to hunting mice.  So she ended up catching it in no time!  Only problem was, she brought the mouse on my bed and dropped the (still alive) mouse there for me to have..  Well I’m sure you can guess what happened next, the mouse scurried away..!



A little frustrated now, my Grandmother helped me catch the other two cats and trap them in my room as well.  A little more rearranging to my room and the cats could get to every space in my room..  There was no reason not to catch that mouse!

About ten minutes later (as I sat on my bed reading, waiting for them to do their thing and catch the mouse), I heard growling from Icee.  Which can only mean that he caught the mouse and wanted the other two cats to stay away.  I let him keep it for a minute, hoping that the longer it stayed crushed between his teeth, the more likely it would be dead when I made him let it go.  Only one problem with that plan;  Icee is the oldest cat, and because of that, he has only two teeth left.  So natually, when I went to take the mouse away from him and put it into a container to take it outside, it got away.  Again.

Icee was so mad after that that he growled at me instead of going and finding the mouse again.  When he DID find the mouse again minutes later, he just stood there and growled at it instead of actually catching it!  Sigh, what am I going to do with this cat..?

What was the third cat, Patches, doing through all this?  Laying on my bed ‘supervising’ like the little princess she is who couldn’t be bothered to catch a mouse.



So, after three cats, one hour of dismantling my room, (and dust bunnies galore all over my pajamas!) I was the one who had to corner and catch the mouse!  Three cats in my room and the human had to catch and kill the mouse..

Next time, I’m skipping the cats and doing the hunting on my own!  Hope you enjoyed the ‘great’ pictures of my cats.  I had to bribe them with food to get them to stay still long enough to take the pictures.  (Have you ever known a cat to stay still for food?  Doesn’t work!)  Have a prrrrrfect day! 😉 And be careful where your cats put their mice!


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  1. I’m laughing so hard I can barely breathe! This sounds like the kind of misadventure that only happens in my family. And to think I had considered a cat for mousing… More like I need a cat for snuggles and my husband for mousing!

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