Homemade Christmas Presents

It’s never to early for starting on Christmas presents.  I’m fact, I’m almost out of time with Christmas presents!  When you have to make almost everyone’s Christmas presents, AND ship them to family who aren’t close, getting them early is key!


I’ve only got two store bought presents this year for my family; A plaid shirt for my grandfather, and a cook book for my father.  (I admit, the book is more for my mom then for my dad..  Dad hunts, mom cooks the hunt.)


For my grandmother and mom, I’ve made a rainbow shawl for my grandmother, and on my to do list is fingerless mittens for my mom.  Must get that done!!!


Some close family friends of ours (homesteaders not to far away) will also be receiving presents from me as well.  I’ve got mittens done for Mrs. Allen, who is in love with the color pink!  As for Mr. Allen, a little back story first..  Mr. Allen has been in a wheelchair for years, and has just recently had both legs amputated (This is the same amazing man who helped me fix my greenhouse).  As a joke last year, I made him socks for his ‘nubs’, which later both families started calling ‘nub warmers’.  This year, I’ve made him proper nub warmers as last year he complained that the nub warmers kept falling off!  I added headbands that I have crocheted into the top of them.  I’ve made spring ones, and I’m currently working on some Christmas nub warmers for him as well.



That’s all I’ve got for Christmas presents so far, and plan to be working hard over the week to get more done in time for the holidays.

Today, I have managed to cut my big toe on a piece of glass that cut through both sock and skin.  I have had to keep my foot up and I am glad to have an amazing grandmother who kindly took the time to patch me up.  Thankfully, crocheting took my mind off the pain.  Not even a sliced toe can stop Christmas from coming!  I will soldier on!

I hope you’ve all got your Christmas shopping underway!  Are you buying or making presents this year?

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