Homemade Peanut Butter Fudge

14 more days until Christmas!  And with that, comes Christmas goodies.  This is a favorite and a MUST HAVE in my family for Christmas dessert.

My brothers birthday was last week, and when I asked him months ago what he wanted for his birthday, he responded with ‘fudge’.  Well, I couldn’t disappoint him!  So I made a batch for him and a batch for me. (I couldn’t go all day smelling fudge and not get any!)




3 Cups of sugar,

3/4 Cup of milk

1 Cup of peanut butter,

1 stick of butter,

1 teaspoon vanilla,


1. Put milk and sugar in a pot and attach a candy thermometer to the side of it.  Let it sit on med/high until it hits ‘soft ball stage’ (or 240F).


It will start to bubble a lot and expand to 2-3 times it’s size, so make sure you use a large pot!  Also be sure to stir often so that the bottom doesn’t burn.



2.  Once it hits ‘soft ball stage’, turn the burner off and quickly add in the butter, vanilla, and peanut butter.  Stir until all ingredients are mixed and smooth and you get a carmel looking color.



3. It is going to start setting up right away, so make sure you have a greased pan on standby, the size of the pan depends on the thickness you want your fudge to be.  Quickly (and carefully) pour the fudge into your greased pan and use a spatula to get every last bit of fudge out of the pot.  Any fudge left in the pot will harden quickly and ether be a pain to get out, or hand a kid (or your husband) a spoon and let them have fun trying to get the fudge out of the pot and eat it. 😉



(PS, my brother LOVED the fudge for his birthday!)


Let me know if you try the recipe and what you think of it!  Enjoy your holidays, whatever you may celebrate, and may it be full of treats and goodies!


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