New Year, New Me..?

Okay, so it MAY be a little late in the month to be writing a post about new years resolutions..  But with the start of a new year, I not only promised myself that this year was going to be different, but the universe seems to have agreed with me and made it so..

At the very end of last year, I promised myself that with the new year approaching, and with everything I had to do next (this) year, I needed a whole new me.  No more hiding in the house because of anxiety, no more being lazy and having days where I don’t get anything done, and no, more, naps!  (< That part has been the hardest…)

It seems the universe, (along with one of my friends here) has a sense of humor..  Two days before the new year, a friend of mine messaged me and told me that she knew of a guy I would just ‘love’, and then informed me that she already told ‘said guy’ all about me..  Well, he sounded nice, and I agreed to message him (partially to get my friend off my back).

Then, just two days into the new year, one of my grandmother’s called me over to help her clean out a room.  It seems the universe was testing me to see if I would keep my word about ‘New Year, New Me’.  Which I did.  After about four to five hours over there, I returned home quite proud of myself for having left the house and gone out!

Fast forward another week, and it seemed the universe wanted to give me another ‘gift’.  I had received a friend request from an old friend I hadn’t heard from in years!  It was so nice talking to my old friend and getting to hear about all of the stuff she’s been up to since we last talked.

I am still happily talking to the guy my friend talked me into talking to, and my long lost friend and I are trying our best to catch up on lost time.  I have a feeling that the universe isn’t done testing me (not even close), but I’m glad for that.  Now, I have both old and new friends to help me stay on track this year.


As for my new years resolutions..

1. Plant something new in my gardens this year.

2. Take college classes on agriculture and business.

3. Rebuild the fence around the property.

4. Add some apple trees to the property.

5. Build a fire pit on the property.

6. Don’t let my anxiety stop me from doing the things I love.


Those are my grand new years resolutions.  And my motto this year: ‘New Year, New Me’, will be repeated to myself as often as possible.

I hope that the rest of you are having a great new year as well!  This is going to be a good year, I can tell. 🙂  Happy New year to you all!

(Does anyone have any new years resolutions they plan to accomplish this year?)

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