What to do with leftover yarn cuttings:

You know when you’re working with yarn, how you always end up with those little clippings here and there that you cut off from your projects?  Or when you’ve got a small ball of yarn that you can’t use to make anything with, because it’s the size of a golf ball and what on earth can you make with that little of yarn?!

Well, after saving the scraps of yarn for months from my winter crocheting, it’s finally spring (close enough right?), and I’ve been dying to do a new project that I seen and saved on Pinterest ages ago!



The plan is that the birds will take the yarn out of the cage and use it for building very colorful nests!  I can’t wait to see if it works, and to go looking around the property for colorful bird nests!

Now I don’t feel like I’m wasting as much yarn, the birds will be happy when they start building their summer homes, and it gives me the ambition to crochet more things!

What do you do with your left over yarn clippings from projects?


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  1. when You say yarn, I do hope it is natural fibres. As synthetic yarns will break down and the parents can also shred them as they work them. the fibres may get into the developing feathers just athought. Otherwise I love the idea.


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