Spring has not sprung..

Well, it’s officially the first day of spring (2019)..  The day we’ve all been waiting for.  And I’m desperately clinging onto the hope that today is not a representation of how this spring is going to go..

I had everything all planned out.  When to start seeds and what seeds for later transplanting were on their own little calendar.  The start of weeding all the gardens was supposed to take place this week.  And two temporary greenhouse shelves were supposed to be set up this week.  But of course what happens when you plan stuff out?..  Well, nothing goes according to plan of course!

At the end of the weekend I caught a cold, and graciously I shared it with my grandparents (sharing is caring 😉).  So not only did nothing get done with seeds so far, but we haven’t been able to leave the house because of the cold weather and our colds.

Speaking of cold weather..!  ‘Cold weather in spring’ you ask?  Oh yes!  Imagine our shock when, on the first day of spring, it starts snowing!  Big, fat, heavy snow that stuck to the ground long enough to annoy us and make everything slushy.  Thankfully, the snow only lasted a few hours before slowly changing into rain (which has washed the snow away and made the dirt roads slick).


We have made the best of our colds by sorting through some old pictures my grandmother found of my brother and I when we were little.  It was so cool to find these little gems of my brother and I playing in the garden.


(My brother and I made tunnels through the tomato cages that were laying around and were crawling through them)



(My brother and I helping mom and gramma add the flowers to flower pots on the old property)

Looking through all these old picture almost make up for getting sick and the crappy weather, but I’m still sad that I’ll have to wait another week before starting seeds.

After looking at pictures, I went to take a shower only to find out (to late) that we had no hot water at the moment.   Lukewarm shower taken, and I get to end the day talking to my boyfriend over video chat and complaining about the weather.  (Thankfully Cody gets to do most of the talking as I still have a sore throat.)

**Side Note, after writing this post I fully planned to video chat with my boyfriend, only to find out that he fell asleep on me (twice)!  This day has just been full of so many things like this that it’s starting to get almost comical..!**

Had anyone else’s Spring gone according to plan?  Or did your spring flop too??

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