Seeds are up!

Finally, signs of life are beginning to pop up in my seed starting room!  I’ll be honest, I didn’t think my little zinnias were going to pop up at all..  It seems like every other time I would go in to check on my seeds, there would be some fricken cats paw prints running through my zinnias!  (And of course the second I WANTED them to do it again so that I could take pictures of proof, they stopped..)

But the zinnias are up and thriving!  These are the zinnias seeds that I saved MYSELF, from last year’s zinnias, and I’m honestly still in shock that they grew at all after I saved them.  I can’t wait for my little babies to be fully grown!  These only took six days from planting to seedlings popping up!





The first and second flowers I planted this year were my stock flowers and cockscomb flowers, because they take the longest to grow.  The stock flowers took the shortest time to pop up (5 days)!  After less than a week, my stock flowers were popping up out of the dirt and stretching towards the sun.  I’ve actually had to keep rotating the containers because of this, they keep wanting to grow in the direction of the window where the sun comes in.   The cockscomb have taken their sweet time coming up (ten days), but I’m starting to see some very lazy seedlings popping up out of the dirt in both the eggs and in the newspaper boxes.


(Stock flowers)



(Stock flowers, 5 Above.  Cockscomb, 5 Below.)


(Cockscomb in eggs)



I have also just added pepper seeds to the list of seeds I am currently growing at the moment.  I have planted those in plastic seed starting containers and am hoping for the best.  If they do not work in those containers then I have saved enough seeds to try again.  Keep your fingers crossed for me and I hope that everyone else who is starting seeds (or who has already had seeds growing for some time) is having just as much luck as me!  Have a great day, smile, and enjoy the sunshine! 🌞

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