If the boots fit..

This has been a busy week..!  My family came into town this week and I spent most of the week over at my parents house helping them clean up their property.  When I wasn’t at my parents property helping them (and getting all dirty), I was out with my boyfriend, or running errands that needed done.  (Finally getting my drivers permit, celebrating my 21st birthday, having my boyfriend meet my parents, etc..)

One of the many tasks I got done was finally getting me a good pair of boots!  I took some birthday money I had received and went out to the store with my parents to start the search for some good sturdy work boots.  I didn’t expect a pair of boots to be so expensive..  (Some pairs of boots in the store were over $100!!)

Last spring was miserable when it came to lugging water all over the property in one of our many wheelbarrows.  I have gardens all over, and walking around doing checks early in the morning when the morning dew was the worst, my feet would be soaked by time I even got to the first garden!  I needed a plan to keep my feet dry and my sanity intact..

So back to the boots..  I bought them and broke them in working at my parents property, which was a great place to take them for a test drive with all of the prickers and mud and what not.  I’m loving having a nice pair of work boots that come all the way up to my knees, and I feel like one of those girls in the country movies..  I just wish they had had yellow ones at the store! 😂

Yes.. I am wearing a dress with my work boots (these boots go with anything..!).

Keep an eye out for more posts to come about my crazy week, and have an amazing spring filled day! 🌺🌻🌼

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