21st Birthday and meeting the parents.

Part two of my crazy week; My 21st Birthday and my boyfriend meeting my parents..

Let me start by saying, I’ve never been a fan of my birthday..  My father joined the military in the spring time, which meant that moving to the new Military Bases usually happened right before, right after, or during my birthday..  I’ve ether spent my birthday saying goodbye to old friends, at a new place with no friends, or in the middle of moving (which meant spending my birthday in a hotel room with an ice cream cake and presents I had to now figure out how to fit in my suitcase).

Needless to say, Military birthdays weren’t the best, but I had my mom, dad, and brother (for the most part), so that’s what counts right?

So back to this birthday..  I was dreading it!  I had decided months ago that I didn’t want to celebrate my birthday with any kind of party or attention, so with a ‘normal day’ in mind, and the fact that it was a day everyone was free, I decided to have Cody meet my parents that day.  Because, why not?

I had already met Cody’s parents, and a few other family members of his, over the past two months (perks of his family living all in one place).  And I couldn’t wait for my parents to come into town so Cody could meet them!

But I’m getting ahead of myself..

The morning of my birthday I woke up to a wall of tissue paper taped over my door.  Now, let me explain..  We have this tradition in my family where the birthday girl/boy has to break through a wall of streamers in front of their door when they wake up.  But where is the fun in that?  So to make it more interesting, my brother and I have tried to get out of our streamer blocked bedroom doors without breaking the streamers.  Year after year my mother would make it harder and harder.  Until finally, I moved here, and my grandmother made a wall of duct tape and tissue paper (NOT how the game is supposed to go), and taped it from floor to ceiling!  Cheater..  So I grabbed my knife and cut my way out! 😁


(Just to show you what I mean, this is me climbing out of my room on my 18th birthday..)


After a morning of chores and anxiety, my boyfriend had finally come to rescue, I mean, pick me up..  We went driving around for a bit before going to visit his grandmother and taking a stroll through the woods in his back yard.

At the end of the walk, Cody surprised me by doing the most country boy thing I could have thought possible..  He defaced a tree for me..!


(Cody + Deanna)

After our little walk through the woods, we got back to the truck and Cody found at least 5 ticks on him!  Yay, ticks are out.. (Can you hear the sarcasm?)  I didn’t find any on me, so maybe my blood isn’t sweet enough for them..?

We continued to drive around until my mom called to tell me that they were back at their property (after running to get an ice cream cake).  Sadly, she had also told me that my Aunt had called and she, along with my cousins, were stopping by for a visit..

We hightailed it over there and made it there just before my Aunt.  Cody got to meet my parents one on one for a few minutes before my Aunt showed up with my cousins.  There wasn’t much room to talk with quite a few people around, but I was happy playing with my cousins new baby.  You’ve never seen cuteness until you see a guy you like playing with a baby! 😍

I’ll admit, things went smoother then I ever would have expected.  Not only did Cody get to meet my parents, but he got to meet a few family members on my dad’s side (including my cousins adorable little baby boy).  Everyone had a great time and we ended up staying for about two hours.

When we were both finally ready to leave, Cody and I drove around for a bit before he had to drop me off back at home.  Before dropping me off though, Cody surprised me with a present he pulled out from the back of his truck..  A bag full of peppermints, hersheys kisses, and rocks for my garden (which I’m proud to say are already out there)!


I was bombarded with streamers and various other birthday decorations.  My parents showed up with the ice cream cake, and then I got to open presents.  Apparently, if you take to long opening presents and forget to eat the ice cream cake, this happens..


Yup, that’s right, the ice cream cake melted into an ice cream shake!  I mean, it still tasted GREAT!  But I made a mental note to myself that next year, cake first, THEN presents!

I ended up getting a lot of gardening stuff, and a few new things for my obstacle course (which I plan to have up by the end of this month).

This ended up being the best birthday I’ve had in years.  It’s not about what I did, but the people I shared it with.  (Okay, maybe it’s slightly about what I did..   You can’t get much better then a country drive and a walk through the woods!)

I hope everyone’s day is off to a better start than mine!  (I woke up to snow on the ground..)  And don’t forget, the seeds of today are the flowers of tomorrow. 🌺  So get to planting those seeds in your life now, so you can enjoy the flowers of tomorrow, tomorrow.

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