Seeds are up! (Part 2)

The seed planting and growing continues inside, as the temperatures outside stay around freezing.  (It snowed the other day!)

One of the plants I worried about most over this frigid spring has been my peppers, which I’ve been told needed a hotpad (by both people and books) to get the seeds to grow.  I’ve had to get creative with that, as I have no hotpad.  You know what I do have though?  A heater on the floor and a lot of patience!

I spent two weeks with the pepper plants in MY room, moving them from the floor in front of the heater at night, to my bed in the morning where the sun could shine right through the window and onto my peppers. Thankfully all my hard work paid off, because my peppers are coming up out of their seeds and loving the sunlight in the temporary seed room with all the rest of the seeds!



So far there are 16 seedlings up, out of the 24 seeds I’ve planted.  That’s over half!  Not bad!

As for my Stock flowers I posted about last time, my cats have taken it upon themselves to thin them out for me..  And my cockscomb flowers started out okay, but just want to lay over and die now, so I’m not sure if those will be in the garden this year.  Oh well, you win some and you loose some.

Since last time, I have also started cucumbers, decorative grass, and some marigolds.

I plan to plant my cherry tomatoes soon, and some more baby zinnias.

Sorry for such a short post, lots to do around the property, and a top secret Easter present to get done.. 😉 (Post on that later!)

Have a sunny and warm day!  (Even if it’s rainy and cold where you are.)

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