Tackle box candy surprise

Easter is tomorrow, and with that comes Easter baskets..  Let me start by saying that I was totally caught off guard when I received an Easter basket from ‘The Easter Bunny’ a week early.  A lovely basket full of coloring books, flower seeds, wind chimes, candy, and a lot of cool extra things.  (I’d take a picture, but let’s face it, most of the candy is gone, and everything else is being used.)

So, to repay the ‘Easter Bunny’ (my boyfriend’s mom), I gave her a homemade flower vase with daffodils in it.

But now, onto my boyfriends gift..  What to do for him..  I’ve had a gift idea for a while now floating around in my head, but the question now was, birthday or Easter..?!  Well, Easter is closer, so Easter it was!

My boyfriend is big into hunting and fishing, so when I seen this idea, I knew I had to make him one at some point.  It would be perfect for him!


I started by drawing out the picture for the top of the tackle box, and cutting it to the right size.  I then taped it to the top, making sure to cover every inch of the paper in tape, making it practically waterproof.  (For later use as a REAL tackle box.)


Next came the picture for the inside.  I cut this to match the top piece exactly, so that you couldn’t see there was a surprise message inside until you opened it.  This too got taped for water proofing.  I had a blast looking up and drawing all of the fish hooks!  And it looks GREAT!

Last, came the fun part..  Filling it up with gummy worms, Swedish fish, life saver gummies, sour octopus gummies, and some peppermint gum.  I got to eat some pieces that ‘wouldn’t fit’ 😉 and they were good!

The look on Cody’s face when I gave him his new tackle box was pure shock and amazement, and I loved it!  It was worth every minute I put into making this!

For anyone thinking of making this as a gift for someone in their own lives; it was super easy and fun to make, and even more fun to eat!  I highly recommend it for anyone who loves fishing, because they can always use the tackle box once all of the candy is gone!

Does anyone else have any creative Easter baskets they are excited to give to a certain someone tomorrow?  If so, comment below and have a Happy Easter!

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