Seeds are up (part 3)

So a few more seeds have popped up since the last time I wrote a seed update..



My peppers (left) that I talked about last time are still doing great!  I’ve got 19 of those up now!  My cucumber seeds (right) sprouted up just last weekend and are growing at an alarming rate!  I’ve got 21 cucumbers up and growing fast!




These are my cherry tomatoes, there are two different kinds here, from two different places.  I’ve got 27 of these up!  (Don’t mind the leaning, they like to lean towards the sun and I’m constantly rotating the containers so that they don’t grow at an angle.)

My little zinnias are ready to go into the ground as soon as it’s safe outside for that.  I thought it was going to be safe to do so this weekend, but then a random snow storm hit and two inches of snow covered everything yesterday.  That’s farming in Michigan for you! 😂 End of April and a freak blizzard hits!  On the plus side, the decorative grass I transplanted into the ground last weekend wasn’t affected by the snow and is so far doing good outside..


Have a productive day and stay warm my fellow northerners!

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