Memorial Day Parade:

Monday was memorial day, the day we celebrate our fallen soldiers and remember those who were lost while serving our country.  A day most people respectively honor.  (Before going right back to not liking our Military the moment it’s over.)

Monday for Memorial day, my boyfriend was in a Memorial Day parade, and I went to cheer him (and the other firefighters) on.  (Sorry, I know it’s a day for remembering soldiers, but I can’t help but get giddy when I get to see my man in a firetruck going down the road!)  Sadly, I didn’t get any pictures of him in the firetruck..  I was so excited when I spotted him that I completely forgot to take pictures and just waved excitedly at him and the other firefighters I knew.


(I know I know, it’s blurry, but you wouldn’t believe how much I had to zoom in on this picture of a line of firetrucks just to get a decent shot of THE firetruck.  This is sadly the last picture I took of the firetrucks before I started waving and getting way to excited to see my boyfriend.. (It’s the big red one on the left))

After the firetrucks went through (the main event in my mind 😉 ), the parade was pretty good.  I got to watch it with my parents, my brother, my Aunt and Uncle, and my cousins.  After seeing the firetrucks and my boyfriend, seeing my cousins and Aunt and Uncle were the highlight of my day!




After the parade was over, everyone drove to the cemetery for the 21 gun solute.  Except for my family, we walked..  And let me tell you this, my cousin did NOT want to miss the 21 gun solute, so we power-walked ahead of the rest of the family, uphill, with a kid, in a stroller, and you guys..  She was walking faster then me!  And she just had a kid!  Talk about a super mom..!

We made it to the cemetery with time to spare, and we got to see the ceremony AND the 21 gun solute.  Surprisingly, my cousin’s little boy was asleep during the whole thing and didn’t even wake up when the guns went off.

The ceremony and the 21 gun solute was an amazing thing to watch.  It reminded me of being back on a Military Base, seeing all those men and women in uniform.  It made me almost miss being back on a Military Base (almost..).  It’s so amazing to me that so many people can come together to honor those we lost at war.  It warmed my heart to see so many people up at the cemetery honoring all those fallen soldiers.




After the 21 gun solute, we walked around the cemetery for a bit before taking the long walk back to our cars (my cousin still not missing a beat and power-walking the whole way back).  I was so tired by time we actually got back home.  But there was no time to rest and still more to do.  I had to help my mom set up for a cookout that my Aunt, my cousins, my boyfriend, and my grandparents were coming to..

Everyone had a great time (until the rain came and washed us out and tornado warnings started popping up on everyone’s phones)!  Personally, I think that it was a perfect way to end the day.  Lots of rain, thunder, lightning, and wind..!  (Then again, I probably wouldn’t be saying that if I had to stay and help clean up..)

I’ve missed seeing my family.  It seams like everyone is growing up so fast and leaving the nest (myself included), and I hardly get to see many of my family members anymore.

How did everyone else spend their Memorial Day / weekend?

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