College, Facebook, and Gardens. Oh my!

Wow, what a long week it’s been…  It’s day two of June, and I can’t believe May is over already!  So, let me tell you what I’ve been up to this past month..

First of all, my parents came back into town for a week.  Yay!  It was nice seeing them, but every time they come into town I spend so much time helping them with their property that I forget to take care of my own.  Oops..  This week will be spent getting back on track with stuff around the property here and making sure my plants finally get in the ground.

So, the main reason my parents came into town; College!  Ahh yes.  That dreaded word that parents despise, teens can’t wait to use on a daily bases, and me personally, I’ve tried to avoid.  I dread college.  Anything new to my life, my anxiety tries to kick in and get rid of for me.  But college is one thing I have been fighting tooth and nail about with my anxiety to let it know who’s boss.


My brother and I got to go in last week to sign up for college and spent quite a few hours over there.  We were there at 9, an hour after the college opened, to sign up and take the placement test.  My brother (who had taken his ACT a few years back) didn’t think he would need to take a placement test, and almost didn’t have to!  Sadly, a lady there who was helping us with signing up, popped his little bubble..  *Fun Fact for all you ‘older young adults’ signing up for college classes..  ACT and SAT scores are only good for a maximum of 5 years.  After that the scores don’t count!*  The test wasn’t that hard though, and I ended up testing out of a few classes!  Wooh!

I asked if I could set up a tour of the college so that my parents and my brother could see the campus for the very first time (I had already toured the college a few years back), and a helpful older gentleman showed us around the campus.  Funny enough, while walking around the campus, our tour guide had asked my brother and I if we had talked to our schools representative yet about what classes we wanted to take there, and when we explained that we were both homeschooled, the tour guide looked at us puzzled and said ‘oh, then I guess that would be me!  I’m the homeschool representative!’  Good to know..!  We got his card in case we had any questions, and then continued on with our tour.  At the end of the tour, my amazing dad got me a college hoodie with the name of the college on it.  I’ve only taken off to wash it.  It may be too hot for a hoodie, but I was so pumped to sign up for college that I really didn’t care how hot it was.  I was wearing my college hoodie with pride!!!  We didn’t end up leaving until about 1:00, so we were there for about a total of 4 hours.  1 1/2 of those hours alone was just the testing..


(My moms friend took this picture while I was camping at my moms property to celebrate me getting signed up for college)


With signing up for college out of the way, my brother and I got to breath a sigh of relief.  At least, for a month anyways..  Next month is orientation, where we have get to sign up for our classes..  I’ve looked through a few classes, but haven’t decided on what ones to take yet.  Since my brother and I both went in for ‘undecided’, we get to pick and choose whatever classes we want.  As long as we have 12 credits, we’ll be full time students.  So with that sigh of relief, came a fun camping trip at my mom and dads property for a few days!



My boyfriend graciously came over to helped me set up the tent and the tarps, as it was supposed to (and did!) storm for two of the three nights I was out there.  (That is his handy work with the tarps and my little ‘front porch’.  I can’t take any of the credit for that, that was all him!)  He did a great job too!  Not one little drop of rain made it into my tent!  And man did it storm..


Besides college and stuff, I had been working on getting a Facebook page for my blog started earlier last month.  Boy was that an adventure..  My attempts kept getting squashed as Facebook kept taking down the profile I was trying to make for my blog (as I did not want my blog Facebook associated with my actual Facebook at all).  After two attempts of creating an account, I finally got one to stick!  (It had taken me off both times and asked to send a picture of myself into Facebook to prove that it was me..  I didn’t even have any pictures up yet on the account at all!)  It amazes me that someone like me, who is actually trying to create a legit account for my blog, is censored and taken off of Facebook.  When all those people who make fake accounts of people get to stay on and spam people and cause all sorts of trouble on way longer then my first two account attempts could even make a first post!

Breath Deanna, breath…

So, as I was saying..  Third time is the charm!  Sadly, I was planning to have an actual Page for my blog to release on here.  But as I am scared that Facebook will take my account off once again if I try that for a third time, I am giving you guys an open Facebook account that you can feel free to check out!  I will be posting as often as I can about everyday homesteading life, and keeping everyone up to date with my blog posts so that no one misses a thing!

(UPDATE!  As of now, there is an official Facebook Page for my site, and it can be found here: Farm Girl Homesteading)

As long as people still want to see more content on my blogs and the daily life of a young homesteader, my Facebook shall (I hope..) remain up and running.


I will have an update coming soon as to how the gardens are doing, but I can assure you that my plants are doing great (knock on wood)!  Yesterday and today I have/will spend the day planting things in the ground.  My little tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers have grown so well in their tiny greenhouses, and the roots were so perfect and branching out so much that I’m really hoping beyond hope that they really take off now that they are in the ground..!  As for my flower garden, although all of my stock flowers had died off due to poor timing with planting and a terrible and unexpected frost, I still plan to replant something in it’s place and be back on top in no time at all!  Weeding is a MUST in my gardens at the moment, as the weeds have taken over way too much and I can’t even see where my little babies are and where not to step!  Add that to the ever growing list of chores that need done here on the homestead..

Oh well, I guess I better get started on ‘said list’..  Have a bright sunshiny day!  (No matter the weather!)

See more everyday homesteading stuff like quotes, lifestyle, pictures, stories, etc, at my official Facebook page here.


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