Spring on the Homestead

As the last two weeks of Spring show the promise of this year in full bloom, I thought I would share the beauty of my homestead with you all..  The flowers are looking better then ever as the heat of summer starts to show us that summer is truly near.  Spring clothes gets swapped out for shorts and tank-tops, and pants and long sleeves get put away.  The seedlings in the ground are doing great and are looking healthy and happy and (I hope) will be plentiful this year!  So far, Spring is showing the promise of a great year!





Your mind is a garden,

your thoughts are seeds.

You could grow flowers,

or you could grow weeds.



See more pictures of my flowers here.  Have a great last two week of spring!  May your flowers smell great and your homestead be plentiful.

See more everyday homesteading stuff like quotes, lifestyle, pictures, stories, etc, at my official Facebook page here.



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