Market Bags; A new obsession!

So I was browsing Pinterest the other day (as one does when they have about a hundred other things to do), and I found a bunch cute crocheted bags that were made for Farmers Markets.  You know the ones, those loosely crocheted bags that expand with the more you put in it.  So, of course with the Bluegill Festival coming up that I’m preparing for, and with about 20 other things I needed to make for my booth for the festival, my mind thought ‘hey, let’s do some cool bags for the festival!’

It’s been a great project for me, as I’ve been sick the past week and haven’t been able to do much work outside.  I’ve been taking it easy inside (a hard thing to do for someone like me who LOVES the outdoors) and crocheting and playing around with lots of different colors for my ‘Market Bags’ I plan to sell at my booth.  They are strangely addicting as I play around with some of my smaller balls of yarn (the ones you save because someday you’ll have a use for them!), and I’ve made about 8 the past few days, and I’m working on a 9th.  They are so easy to make, and like I said, fun to make!


This is the one I’m currently working on right this minute (I literally put it down to write this post), and I’m loving the rainbow colors!


Here are some of the bags that I’ve finished:






I just love my new little project and can’t wait to have plenty for the festival!  They sure do pile up fast as I make more and more.  What have you done with those little balls of yarn you have left over from big projects?  What projects are you currently working on?  Comment below and don’t forget to like! ❤

Once again, more pictures can be found on the official Farm Girl Homesteading Facebook Page here.



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