Congratulations Class of 2019!

This weekend has been a full one..  My boyfriend Cody and I have went to two graduation parties, and one graduation this weekend.  All family.  (Maybe TOO much family.)

I can’t believe how fast everyone is growing up..  The last of my younger friends have all graduated this year, my older friends are all married or with kids, and I’m off to college.  (Where did the time go?!)

Saturday, I got to go to my cousins graduation party, and I was so proud of her!  She has worked her butt off to get where she is now, she has ignored the haters, and she has become an amazing young woman.

The party was held at a little park close by.  The food was amazing, the family was all there, and my Uncle brought the game corn-hole!  (To which I challenged my cousin and her friend to a friendly little game.  Cody and I on one team, my cousin and her friend on the other.)



(Special thanks to my cousin, for inviting me.  And to my boyfriend, who went with me!)



On Sunday, my good friend Ash / Cody’s cousin, graduated.  I was honored to attend the graduation ceremony with Cody.  We sat through five speeches, two songs by the band, and a whole lot of names!  But it was so worth it.  My friend (along with me) is a huge fan of Harry Potter and wore Gryffindor shoes and a Harry Potter themed graduation cap that said ‘Peace Out Muggles’ on it.  I LOVED the cap!  I am so proud of her for making it through High School!


(Again, special thanks to my friend Ash for asking me to attend, and to my boyfriend for going with me!)


After my friends graduation, Cody and I swung by his cousins graduation party (who graduated with MY cousin!) and congratulated her on making it through High School as well.  I made my friend Brit take a few pictures of Cody and I together because Cody and I hardly get pictures taken of the two of us. (I’m usually the one taking the pictures.)  I got to meet a few more members of Cody’s family, and we had some lunch while we were there.  (They had great food!)




I still choose not to believe that all of my friends are growing up.  But it’s time to move on with our lives and go into the next faze in the adventure that is life.

I have some words of wisdom for those graduating this year; Life gets better, but it also gets harder.  So, choose now whether you’re going to dwell on the bad, or celebrate the good.  Because your mindset is what’s going to ether make you, or break you.

So, to all those graduating this year..



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