First time fishing in 9 years!

So last night, my boyfriend Cody took my fishing for the first time in a LOOOOONG time.

The last time I had been fishing, was when I was 11 years old, before I had to have a fishing licence to fish.  I had always fished off my parents sailboat and could never quite get the nerve to take the fish off the hook myself..  (Yeah, I was that girl..)  I used to fish all the time with my dad, and I learned a lot over my many years fishing as a child.

Fast forward 9 years;  My boyfriend decided to surprise me and take me to get my fishing licence.  My grandmother let me have a fishing pole from the basement.  And there was no excuse for me not to fish..!

Yesterday, I suggested to Cody that it would be a perfect day to fish (totally ignoring the wild wind blowing outside, and the rain that was supposed to hit later that night), and he was only too eager to take me out fishing.  I packed a beautiful picnic, got my fishing pole by the door, and waited for him to come pick me up.

We drove up at a quiet lake (well, quiet if you ignore the two or three boats out on the lake filled with people), and switched to our boots!  To my immense surprise, fishing is a lot like riding a bike..  I remembered everything as if I had just fished yesterday!  (Only this time, I wasn’t squeamish about taking the fish off the hook!)


After fishing for about an hour, we decided to take a break and dig into the picnic basket I had brought, stuffed full of food.  We had a nice little picnic dinner on the grass by the lake, and it could not have been more perfect.


Eventually, the wind died down a bit and I caught 7 Bluegill and 1 Sunfish.  Most were catch and release, but we did cut the sunfish up and used it as bait to catch some Bullhead (we finally caught a Bullhead just before leaving).  Cody stopped counting his fish after a while because he caught so many!  That’s my man!

We found a water snake that came towards us while we were fishing, (or rather, it found us) and I just HAD to take a picture!  It swam right behind Cody’s legs and didn’t seam to be bothered with us as we continued fishing.  Eventually, it swam away into the water, but not before I got a few pictures of it!  (Thinking back now, I hope it wasn’t poisonous..)


Eventually, the weather started to change; clouds covered the setting sun, the wind started to pick up again, and the fish stopped biting.  (That’s about the time we actually caught the Bullhead!)  We stuck it out for a bit longer, but after it got dark and I could no longer see my bobber in the water, we started packing up.


I was pleasantly surprised at how fun fishing was, and I can’t wait to go out fishing again!  I told Cody that I would bring the picnic food, if he brought the worms..!  It was a perfect date, and I can’t wait for the next one!

What is your idea of a perfect date?  Would you go fishing for a date?  Comment below!  And as always, have a great day, no matter the weather or agenda!


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