Summer Bucket List! (2019)

Today is the first day of Summer!  Wooh!  Hurray!  Woop-dee-do!  It felt more like Fall this morning as I checked the gardens in a hoodie and jeans in 60°F degree weather.  But don’t worry!  It’s supposed to get high of 77°F today!  (Welcome to Michigan..)

Now that it’s officially summer, and my boyfriend and I have been going out and doing more stuff together (going fishing, going to/being in parades, flea market visits, driving around with the windows down, etc..) I thought it would be fun to make a Summer Bucket List!


1.  Go to the zoo! 🐘

2.  Go swimming in a lake! 🏊 (Check)

3.  See fireworks on the 4th of July 🎆 (Check)

4.  Catch fireflies ✨ (Check)

5.  Look at the stars 🌟 (Check)

6.  Go to a drive in movie 🎥

7.  Keep up with my journal so that I can look back at my amazing summer! 📝

8.  Do a LOT of fishing! 🎣 (Check)

9.  Visit farmers markets 🍎

10.  Go to the flea market again! 💸

11.  Have an outdoor picnic 🍉 (Check)

12.  Check out a book from the local library 📚 (Check)

13.  Go for a walk in the woods/park 🌳 (Check)

14.  Go camping in back yard ⛺ (Check)

15.  Go to a fair 🎠 (Check)

16.  Have/go to a bonfire 🔥

17.  Fly a kite at the beach 🌅

18.  Have a water gun fight 🔫

19.  Feed the ducks 🍞

20.  Practice guitar more 🎸

21.  Find a four leaf clover 🍀

22.  Get my drivers licence 💳

23.  Go mudding 😍

24.  Go geocaching 🔍 (Check)

25.  Go to the race track with my boyfriend 🏁




When I asked my mother what she had on her bucket list for the summer, her response was:

🔥 torch every 🐜 I see!  Our counters were literally crawling this morning.  I am done with those things….fire ones, red ones, sugar ones and ugly big black ones….torch them all!!’

I mean, you’ve got to have goals right..?  I don’t blame her though, I’m thankful that we don’t have as many ants up here in the north as she does in the south!  We’ve found a few ants here and there in the kitchen, but not nearly as bad as my mom has it!




When I asked my boyfriend Cody what was on his Summer Bucket List, he responded with:

1.  Fishing 🐟

2.  Go on a couple of road-trips 🚗

3.  Take my girlfriend on more dates 💐

4.  Plant a couple of food plots for the deer 🌱

5.  Loose 25 LBS before bow season 🎯

All great goals for the summer! ❤



What’s on your Summer Bucket List?  Let me know in the comments!  Are you going to/have you already done anything on this lists above?  Have a great summer and don’t forget to make a Summer Bucket List!  Even if you don’t actually do anything on it, it’s still fun to make!

Just a little picture I colored to get in the summer mood ❤


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