A Week in the Life of a Young Homesteader (Day 1)

For this week, I thought that it would be fun to do a ‘week in the life of’ type of blog.  (I plan to do more of these later on!)

For those of you who are already living the homesteading life themselves, maybe you’ll find some comfort in knowing you’re not the only ones working your butt off this week.  And for those of you wishing to be homesteaders one day, and wanting to live through me this week, welcome!  Come join me on this journey!

Now, I’ll say this about my weeks..  My weeks aren’t all the same.  Some weeks are hectic, some weeks are pretty slow, and some weeks are just normal yard work and watching Netflix on breaks.  With that said, this is probably going to be one of those ‘hectic’ weeks, with the 4th of July coming up, me having to bake cupcakes for the fire department, and not to mention being behind on yard work because of just getting over being sick for the past few days!  There is a LOT to do this week.  But don’t worry, you get to sit back, relax, and read about it all from the comfort of your (insert room you’re in now).

Without further ado, let’s begin with my day!


Monday: July 1st, 2019

6:00 – Alarm goes off and I hit snooze.

6:05 – Alarm goes off again and I get up.  I fixed the shower head that I accidentally broke last night (long story), before anyone got up!  Then I got ready for the day and put laundry in the washer.

7:00 – The annoying cats that have been following me around the house meowing finally get fed.  I do some more laundry and get on my computer to check Facebook and my blog.  Then I eat breakfast and watch Netflix for a bit.  (Yeah, that’s right, the inside cats get fed before me..)

8:00 – The outside cats get fed.

9:00 – I helped my grandmother finally move some of her indoor plants outside, and then I talked to the baby kittens for a bit (who were just coming around to eat).  Then I had to take the wheelbarrow and some buckets over to the hose to fill up so that I could water my gardens.

9:30 – Finally done with watering.  I decided to weed for a bit since the weather was still cool out, and the weeds have really been bugging me.  I hate when I’m sick for a few days and my gardens start to look like someone is playing a game of Jumonji in it..!  Dang weeds.  You tell them to go away, but they keep coming back!

10:20 – Back inside in front of the fans now.  Smashed my finger in a door.  (You: Why did you do that Deanna?  Me: Because I thought it would be fun!)  Now I’m working on my blog.  You know what sounds good right now?..  Second breakfast!  That’ll keep my strength up!

10:50 – Time to fold laundry while rocking out to country music on the radio!  Yay!

11:00 – Helped my grandmother break her back putting in the new air conditioner.

11:55 – Patch myself up and clean off the blood from putting in ‘said new air conditioner’..

12:00 – More laundry to fold!  Then finally, LUNCH!

1:20 – Now to get off Netflix and start making the Gluten Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls for the fire station!  One of the firefighters on the force can’t have gluten, so, with the help of my Aunt, I found a gluten free recipe that looked easy enough and thought I would try it out.  My Aunt helped me check all of the labels to make sure everything was truly gluten free, and I got to work making it!

2:20 – Done with the first half of making the Peanut Butter Balls, they are now setting up in the mini fridge.  Perfect time to take a quick nap..

Time to ‘chill’!

3:40 – Back up and running and the peanut butter balls are on the way to getting done!  Wooh!  They are looking great! (And yummy..!)

4:17 – Finished with the Peanut Butter Balls!  Now to write the recipe down for you guys and post it!  (Only to get detracted reading other peoples blog posts for an hour..)

These are looking GREAT!

5:20 – My boyfriend stopped by to drop off some containers I had let him borrow from the last time I made the firemen cookies.  I let my boyfriend taste-test the peanut butter balls for the fire station meeting, and he said that they were really good!  We then walked around the property so that I could show him the progress of the gardens, and a fricken bee stung my leg!  Note to self; next time I feel something crawling on me, LOOK before I SMACK!  Now I’ve not a huge welt on my leg..

5:40 – Work on my blog.

5:41 – Get distracted with Netflix and stop working on my blog..

6:30 – Dinner time!

7:00 – Start on making 4th of July cupcakes for the firefighters tomorrow.

9:30 – Finally finish with my Chocolate Peanut Butter Ball recipe for you guys, which can be found HERE.

10:35 – I just finished taking a shower while the last batch of cupcakes were in the oven.  Now I’m about to take the last batch of cupcakes out of the oven. (3 1/2 HOURS of baking cupcakes!)  I’m tired as heck and I haven’t even made my bed after washing the sheets!

Cupcakes officially done and ready for frosting tomorrow!

11:00 – Bed is made.  Teeth are brushed.  Cupcakes are put away.  About to pass out in my nice soft freshly made bed..


I hope ya’ll enjoyed following me with my day!  Look out all this week for more ‘A Week in the Life of a Young Homesteader’ posts!  And enjoy your day, weather it be hectic or laid back.

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