A Week in the Life of a Young Homesteader (Day 3)


A Week in the Life of a Young Homesteader (Day 1)

A Week in the Life of a Young Homesteader (Day 2)


Wednesday: July 3rd, 2019.

6:00 – Alarm goes off.  I ignore it and decide to get more sleep.

6:30 – Woke up to a sweet ‘good morning’ text from my boyfriend and got out of bed to get ready for the day.  Then I messed around on my computer to see if I could get it to work again.  (I did, because I’m awesome!)

7:00 – Went to feed the inside cats, only to discover that my grandmother had gotten up early and fed them already.

8:00 – Went outside to feed the outside cats and to weed for a bit in the cool morning air.  I managed to get quite a bit of weeding done before it started to turn hot.  I quickly decided to switch to watering all of the gardens, before the sun decided to burn me alive with the heat of the day (a bit of an exaggeration, but true non the less).

9:15 – Back inside now and going to ‘scavenge’ me up some breakfast.

10:35 – So, I’ve been reading blog posts and finding new blog posts to subscribe to for the past hour.  As I was reading through blog after blog about homesteading, farm animals, and wacky kids on farms, I came across a Poem about bugs on kiwi vines that made me smile.  And it left me wanting more!  When I clicked on the link to send me to this persons blog, I found even more poems about homesteading!  I read two about chickens that made me die of laughter!  And one about children gardening that made me smile.  It made my day ya’ll!  I have never promoted someone else’s blog on my page before, but I feel that I can’t help but share my smile for the day in hopes that you smile as well.  If anyone is curious about where I found these little moments of laughter, you can find it here: apinchofhomestead.com.

12:10 – Lunch time!  Then afterwords, a quick walk around the gardens to check on everything.  The gardens all look great, but what I loved most about my walk was that I seen the kittens playing in the ‘jungle’ (one of the flower gardens) right by the house.  They love to run around that garden and follow me as I check on the veggie garden and flower pot garden.  It’s so funny to watch them sneak around and crouch down under flower leaves when I look at them, like they’re invisible.  (If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.  Right..?)  They act like suck lions, stalking their pray, crouching for an attack.  And then they run away as soon as I get to close..

12:50 – Time for a nap!  Because after all, Naps aren’t just for kids, and they’re good for you too!

4:00 – It’s been a slow day today..  I’ve mainly been switching from watching Netflix on my computer in front of a fan, to putting my new blog posts up on Pinterest.  I stopped to smell the flowers on the way back from checking the mail, and the summer flowers are almost in full bloom outside.  I’ll have to remember to post pictures to my Facebook Page soon..

5:00 – My grandparents left to have dinner with friends, and all the chores outside had been done for the day.  My boyfriend stopped by to borrow some camping stuff for a camping trip he was going on with a friend tonight.  And just as he pulled away it started to sprinkle.

6:00 – Boyfriend out of town.  Grandparents gone.  Thundering and down-poring outside.  What’s a girl to do besides have some ‘me time’, sit down, put a face mask on, and enjoy a good book in a quiet house?!  I love listening to the thunder!  And the rain bouncing off the new air conditioner as it keeps things nice and cool inside is pure bliss!  It’s not often I get the house to myself, so when I do get the chance, I take full advantage of it and enjoy the quietness of solitude.

7:40 – Grandparents have returned.  There goes my reading time..  House is now full of noise again, but I’m determined to read more of my book, so I’m off to my room to put on some soft music and finish reading.

9:00 – Don’t you just love it when you can get lost in a book for hours and feel like reality doesn’t exist as a book is in your hand?  I read a huge chunk of my book today, and I’m honestly shocked that I read so much..!

10:30 – Time for bed.  Another day has come and gone and I feel like I have gotten nothing done.  That’s the thing about summer.  Things have been planted in the Spring, there’s nothing to really harvest until Fall, all that’s left is to weed and water and take care of the yard for the Summer.  Good thing that’s all I have to do outside too, because with the summer heat, it’s not very fun to work outside.  And crocheting inside isn’t very fun when it’s hot, the yarn sticks to/burns after rubbing against your hot fingers after a while.  I think summer is one of my least favorite seasons there is..  Oh well.  Another day gone, another night spent sleeping, and another day tomorrow to replace today.  Goodnight everyone, sweet dreams, and may tomorrow be everything you wanted today to be!


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