A Week in the Life of a Young Homesteader (Day 4)


A Week in the Life of a Young Homesteader (Day 1)

A Week in the Life of a Young Homesteader (Day 2)

A Week in the Life of a Young Homesteader (Day 3)


Thursday: July 4th, 2019.

6:00 – Woke up to my alarm going off and actually got up and out of bed!  I dressed and started working on getting day 3 of my ‘Week in the life of’ posted for you guys.  (Check it out up above!)  The cats are meowing and staring at me as I sit on the couch in the living room, refusing to feed them until 7.  In their eyes, I’m such a monster.

6:55 – I just remembered that Stranger Things Season 3 comes on Netflix today and now I’m super excited and wide awake!

7:00 – Feed the inside cats..

7:06 – Quickly find breakfast so that I can spend the morning watching Stranger Things and crocheting!!!  (Still freaking out that Stranger Things has a new season up on Netflix!!!)

7:13 – About to watch Stranger Things! (Can you tell how excited I am for this show..?)

8:00 –  I went out to feed the outside cats and was met with a cat on the window ledge looking into the front porch.  As I walked to the door that led outside, the cat followed on the window ledge and met me at the door at face height..  I guess someone was a little extra hungry..!  I fed the cat named Ghost and shook the food container to start calling for the kittens to come and eat.  Then I added a bit more food to the food dish.  I then went running around checking on all of the gardens (I had to put a few plants back together after the pounding rain yesterday), and by time I made it back to the front porch where the cats were, two of the kittens (Con-Pow-Chicken and Explorer) and their dad (Ghost) were eating breakfast!  The third kitten (Rattle Snake) was over in the ‘jungle’ keeping an eye out for predators, and lounging on a rock.  Oh how easy it must be to be a cat.

8:30 – Back to Stranger Things!

12:30 – I read for a bit, but I’ve mostly been watching Stranger Things.  I had some lunch and took a break to talk to my boyfriend who is out camping today, and then surprise surprise, I’m back to watching Stranger Things!  Good thing all of my yard work is pretty much caught up on!

6:00 – It’s taken all day, but I finished Season 3 of Stranger Things..  (Yeah, that’s right, I’ve been watching Netflix all day and haven’t done anything with my day..!)  Don’t worry, I won’t give away ANY spoilers!  But I will say this, for anyone who is reading this and currently watching Season 3 of Stranger Things, wait until after the first bit of credits on the very last episode before you think about turning it off!  There is a clip at the end that I’m sure you’ll want to see!

8:00 – I spent the last hour talking on the phone with my mom.  I love talking to her and I try to talk to her everyday.  I don’t always have time for phone calls, but I try my best to ether talk, message, or text her everyday.

8:30 – I went out to check on the gardens and stir the compost.  The compost is really coming along and is almost ready to put in the barrel and start over.  I’m hoping to have enough to be able to use my compost in the new raised garden beds I want to add this year, and still have plenty left over for seed starting next year.  The goal is kinda to not have to buy soil at all in a few years, for new gardens or new projects.

9:00 – Time to get ready for bed and get my reading in for the day.  The book I’m reading right now is one of the ‘Heroes Of Olympus’ books.  I’ve been hooked on these books!  For anyone who wants to get into Greek culture, I highly recommend the Percy Jackson series.  For anyone looking for a more ‘Roman’ vibe, Heroes of Olympus has that for ya!

10:30 – Time for bed!  I hope everyone had great 4th of July!  I had a very chill and kicked back 4th of July here on the Homestead (as you just read).  On the plus side at least I didn’t have to mow today because of yet another freak storm that came out of nowhere and pelted us with rain!  I hope none of you are/were kept up by the fireworks last night (or this entire weekend to come), and that your 4th of July went off with a bang!  Goodnight everyone!  Until tomorrow..


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