A Week in the Life of a Young Homesteader (Day 5)


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Friday: July 5th, 2019.

7:30 – Woke up with a sharp pain in my neck, I’m thinking I must have had a bad night and slept wrong on it..  I spent the first part of the morning after waking up working on getting ‘Day 4’ of ‘A Week in the Life of’ edited and posted.

8:00 – Up and ready for the day (but not dressed yet) and I just put cinnamon rolls in the oven.  My grandmother has a rule that no one is allowed to use the oven or stove-top after a certain time of day, because it makes the house way too hot..  So my logic is; if I make them now, I can warm them up later!  Using this logic, I may just make myself muffins..  I hate it when there is nothing to snack on, and you can’t make anything because it ether involves the oven or the stove-top..  Both inside and outside cats are also fed now, and the gardens have been checked on for the morning.

8:26 – The bottoms of my cinnamon rolls came out a little burnt, but I have a life hack for that..  You just take a cheese grater (a fine one with tiny holes) and grate the bottom of it.  Wala!  No more burned bottoms! (You’re welcome!)

9:50 – I just came in from weeding some of the gardens.  I’ve spent the past 40-50 minutes out there weeding both the flower garden and the veggie garden.  I would have spent more time out there, but the mosquitoes in the veggie garden were eating me alive and ‘bugging’ me..

10:30 – I have yet again been working on stuff on my computer this morning.  Blog posts have been updated, Facebook has been checked, and now onto Netflix to check and see if there is anything I can watch to occupy my time with.

12:40 – I finally got around to getting lunch and talking to my boyfriend as he drives home from his camping trip.

1:20 – Another hot day and I’m pretty much stuck inside relaxing as the heat outside gets more intense.  I would 100% be outside today mowing today (regardless of the heat because it really needs mowed), however!..  We are predicted to get storms for the third day in a row, and the sky outside is slowly growing darker..

2:00 – It started down-poring just when my boyfriend pulled up to drop off the camping stuff that I let him borrow.  I made him come in and eat a cinnamon roll while he waited for the storm to pass (which didn’t take too long).

3:00 – Finally, it stopped raining for the time being!  I sent my boyfriend home with some nice cut flowers from the property for his mom, and then I went inside to relax a bit. (My head had been spinning and I had been feeling lightheaded for the past few hours at this point.)

7:00 – I’ve been taking it easy extra hard this evening.  My head (and the room) have finally stopped spinning, thank goodness!  Just in time to text my boyfriend and see if he still wanted to go out and see fireworks tonight.

9:00 – My boyfriend came and picked me up and we drove to the racetrack to watch the fireworks.  We took the back road scenic route there, and watched as the sunset slowly sank down in the sky, changing the color of the sky from blue, to burnt orange, to black.

man with fireworks

10:00 – We got there just in time to see the fireworks.  We had literally pulled into the parking lot, parked, rolled the windows down, kicked back, and then BOOM, the fireworks started going off.  It was amazing to see fireworks up close!  I LOVE watching fireworks!  And there is nothing better than kicking back in a truck, sitting next to someone you love, and watching a firework show in a parking lot where you get to pick the music that plays in the background.  It was truly an amazing night.

12:30 – Taking the scenic route back, we finally made it back to my house.  One thing I’ll say about the scenic route..  One of the most amazing sights here in the country is; stopping at a stop sign where corn fields are stretched out on all sides of you and millions (and I do mean millions) of fireflies are flying around the fields.  They made it look like a magical fairyland or something.  It’s just one of the many reminders of how lucky I am to live in the country where I can see sights like this.

1:00 – Time to pass out on my bed and sleep in tomorrow morning!


(Special shout out to my amazing boyfriend for taking me to see fireworks last night.  I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter man to come into my life.)

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