A Week in the Life of a Young Homesteader (Day 7)


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Sunday: July 7th, 2019.

7:40 – Woke up way to late and got out of bed, only to grab my computer and sit on the couch to start editing my blog post from yesterday (Day 6, see above).  I then quickly got ready for the day and fed the inside cats.

8:00 – Fed the outside cats, now to finish editing my blog post from yesterday.

9:00 – Got dressed and went outside to work on some gardening stuff.

10:30 – I have been outside weeding the gardens and planting a few new things this morning.  I’ve successfully weeded the flower garden 99.9% (can we ever really get it to 100?), and the veggie garden is, well, getting there..  Thanks to the cool air outside today, I’ll be able to make today an outside day and actually get some work done!  Besides weeding, I’ve planted another batch of carrots, and I’m tickled to say that the last batch I planted are growing quite nicely!  Last year I didn’t have any carrots that grew, due to the evil raccoons that dug up the seeds!  But this year, it looks like pretty much everything I’ve planted is growing nicely.  What luck I’m having this year! (knock on wood..)

12:30 – It feels sooooo nice to spend the morning out in the gardens doing all sorts of planting and weeding.  I planted some flower seeds in pots outside the windows (not to be confused with window box flower pots) so that my grandmother wouldn’t worry and complain that the pots were empty and that our property looked bare (as if!  We’ve got more flowers in bloom here than any other place I know!).  I’m in for a lunch break right now, so I thought I would add to my blog post real quick what I’ve been up to all morning while I sit here and try to think of something to have for lunch..

1:00 – Lunch has been had, now time for some computer time while the outside heat does its worst..

2:00 – Nap time!

3:30 – I went out to plant a few more flower seeds, but I didn’t think to check the temperature before I went out..  It’s 100 degrees in the sun! (Which was where I was working.) I started to get dizzy spells again, so I came inside to the nice cool house and decided it was best to stay inside for a while..

6:00 – Time for dinner.

7:00 – I got to hear from a very old friend of my today, which absolutely made my day!  I love it when an old friend that you haven’t talked to in a while just pops up in your life again and you get to catch up.  It was so nice hearing from her and hearing how she was doing.  I sometimes wish I could spend all day talking to friends.

11:00 – You know, I’m noticing a pattern about how late I stay up..  It’s not my fault, I swear! (Okay, maybe it is..)  It’s time for bed yet again, and I’ll probably end up staying up another half an hour in bed reading if I’m being totally honest with you guys..  I’ve got a big day tomorrow..  My parents are coming into town again, and my grandmother insists on the house being spotless when they do!  Not to mention I’ve got a little preparing of my own to do tomorrow for my family’s arrival..


Well, that ends the ‘A Week in the Life of a Young Homesteader’ series (at least for this week!).  I hope you enjoyed coming along with me on this week long journey.  I plan to do more of these later on when life gets more interesting..  (Although, I think I’ll do it in a different format next time.  More like journal writing and less like a captains log..)

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