Update on how my life is going..

Oh my goodness, it’s been over two weeks since I’ve written a blog post and I feel so out of the loop with the blogging world right now..!  A LOT has happened in the past two weeks!

After writing the A Week in the Life of a Young Homesteader series, my parents and brother came into town!  My parents came all the way from Virginia to take my brother and I over to college orientation, where my brother and I both signed up for Fall classes at the local community college.  I’m both excited, and terrified, for college this Fall.


After college orientation, my parents left to go back to Virginia, and this time, they made the long drive back without my brother in tow (he lived in Virginia with them).  Why, you ask?  Because my brother has officially moved back to Michigan!  Yay!!!  It is so nice to have my brother back home!  And not only is he home, but he is temporarily living with my grandparents and I until he finds a place of his own to call home.

After the stress of signing up for college classes, and going through college orientation (plus adjusting to my brother being back), I had very little time to relax because the Bluegill Festival was the following weekend!  Yikes!

This year, the Bluegill Festival was only a 2 day event.  And after sitting outside in 100 degree heat, for six hours, and two days, I’m whooped!  It has been a long two days in the heat, and sadly, not as many people as we all hopped showed up.  I did get to know some of the people in the other booths, and there was one lady in particular who had an essential oil booth that was super nice (we talked for a long time).  Sadly, most of the booths were manned by one person, so I was really the only one who got to walk around and see the other booths (thanks to my grandmother for watching my booth for me).  But all in all I had a good time.  Plus, I got to see a few of the firefighters I knew at the Bluegill (they were in the parade), and it’s always nice to see them.  My boyfriend even stopped by on both days to sit with me in my booth so that I wasn’t lonely.


Today, I plan to relax for a bit, and then maybe hang out with my boyfriend later (if it doesn’t storm).  Thankfully, it has cooled down a LOT outside since yesterday and it’s actually bearable to go outside today!  (Why couldn’t we have had this weather while sitting outside in the sun for 6 hours?!)  I’ve still got a bit of stuff to do around the house, but for the most part, cleaning and unpacking the truck can wait until tomorrow..

I’ve got a lot of blog post reading to catch up on, so I’ll probably do a bit of reading those this afternoon.  But until then, I think it’s time to check on my gardens and enjoy the 70 degree weather outside!


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