Update on the Homestead!

It has been a BUSY month and a half full of family visits, getting ready for college, fixing up the property, and my first ever trip to the county fair!  I just realized that I hadn’t been updating my blog at all this past month and a half!  So I thought I would pop on here and tell y’all what I’ve been up to!


First off, with finally being signed up for college classes (I’ll update you later on what happened at orientation..), my brother and I have made it a goal to go to go up to the library at college at least once a week.  We got the chance to check out the library for the very first time on Monday (I had seen it years ago, but it’s changed a lot)!  The library there was truly amazing!  One of my brothers classes got dropped due to too little people, and we had to go up and straighten that out at the college (one math class dropped, one rock-climbing class picked up!).  I’ve got to say, I’m kinda jealous about the fact that my brother gets to do a rock climbing class in the big rock climbing room our college has.

(Picture from the college website)

Anyways, back to the library!  Every time my family has moved from state to state (or country to country), my family has always had this tradition of finding the library wherever we are and making that our little safe spot.  (Easy to do when you’re homeschooled and can do your school work from there.)  So when my brother and I signed up for college, my brother and I decided to do the same thing here.  The library there is honestly one of the coolest library’s I’ve seen in a while.  They have a section where you can get free tutoring in any subject for free.  They have rows upon rows of music, fiction and non fiction books, audio-books, and bored games (that’s right, bored games).  And because the library isn’t a ‘quiet’ library, they have glass rooms you can use if you need a quiet place to study!  How cool is that!?

(Picture from the college website)



The second thing I’ve been up to, is fixing up the property around this place!  I’ve been obsessed with putting all of my energy into yard work lately!  My grandmother has been complaining that this property ‘isn’t what it used to be’, and as the person who takes care of the yard, I took offence..!  So I’ve been working extra hard to make this yard look incredible!  Which means painting, mowing, weeding, and picking fresh flowers for the house that have just started to bloom in the cut garden.


I have really enjoyed painting some of the things around here.  The bench (that was my favorite to do!), birdhouses, plant hangers, and lots of other stuff that I haven’t gotten a picture of yet.  This place is looking great, and so far, no complaints from my grandmother!


I’m also working with the kittens some more, to get them more ‘people friendly’.  I’ve started putting their food bowl down on top of my feet while I sit on the steps, and they actually come up and eat!  They were skittish at first, but they are happily eating without a worry in the world now (until I move that is).  The two yellow kittens, Kung Pow Chicken and Rattlesnake, even let me pet their ears while they ate!  Progress!!!




Last week, I also did something that I had never done before..  I went to the county fair.  (I can practically HEAR most of you gasping in shock.)  I know, it’s a simple and silly thing for a lot of you to do.  Sure, you could just get in the car, drive over, pay the small fee to get in, and then stay all day.  But for me, it was super hard for me just to get myself to go.  But my anxiety feels like it might be getting better (sometimes), so maybe I’ll be able to do it again next year..?

I went with my grandparents one of the days, and met up with my boyfriend there.  The fair was actually really fun!  My boyfriend and I ran into a LOT of people we knew (mostly people he knew), I got to pet an emu(!), we got to see some kids perform on horses, my boyfriend and I played some carnival games, and we stayed until closing time!

The day after that ^, I went to see the fireworks with my boyfriend (which were amazing by the way!), and it was really cool to see the fireworks up close.  It has been quite a few years since I’ve gotten to see fireworks up close like that!  The BOOM of the fireworks exploding were (and always will be) my favorite part!

(Thanks Cody for taking pictures of the fireworks since my camera isn’t working!)


I also got to make some more cupcakes for the local fire department last night!  I love making cookies and cupcakes for the fire department that my boyfriend Cody is on.  There is another firefighter who’s girlfriend is also now making goodies for the meetings now, and it’s become somewhat of a competition between the two of us.  It’s been a blast to be creative and make new things for the firefighters, and a little competition never hurt anyone..  I got lucky and found a memory on Facebook of some cupcakes I had made for a pool party a few years back.  Since it is almost the end of summer, and with school starting back up soon, I decided to make them for the fire department as an ‘end of summer treat!  And the guys were impressed!


I used blue colored frosting for the water, smashed up gram crackers for the sand, fruit roll-up’s for the beach towels/floaties, and of course, teddy grams for the people!  I cut the legs off some of the teddy grams to make swimming ones, and my brother added that I should have used gummy life savors for the floaties, but I didn’t think of that in time.  Aren’t they adorable?!  (Sorry for the blurry pictures, they just refused to come in clear!)


And finally, the final part of my crazy month and a half has been a visit from my Aunt!  We got a call one morning from my Aunt (who lives two hours away), letting us know that she was ten minutes away, and that she was on her way to our house with her motorhome.  Umm, okay..?!  Next thing we know, a HUGE motorhome is turning into our driveway and pulling up into the yard.  I quickly called my boyfriend Cody to tell him what was going on (as we had plans that night) and we decided to cancel our plans so that I could spend time with my Aunt (whom I hardly ever get to see).  My Aunt then informs us that she will be there for a few days to wash her motorhome and get it ready to sell..  If life has taught me anything, it is to breath, remain calm until you’re out of sight, and THEN freak out..!  She ended up staying for about four days, which was nice because we got to spend time with her, and then life slowly went back to ‘normal’ after she left.  What a great surprise ha?  What would YOU do if a family member just randomly showed up for a few days?


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