And the painting continues..

I’ve been painting up a storm here on the homestead as I attempt to make this place ‘practically perfect in every way’.  To add a POP of color, I decided that the old rusting bed frame that my grandmother had placed in one of the gardens, could use a touch of bright yellow!



Another thing I decided to paint was an old rusty stool that was out by the chicken coup.  This was really fun to paint!



I also decided to take the old, faded, rusty pinwheels that were out front, and add a touch of color to them as well!



And the last thing I’ve painted recently is some of the mettle chickens out by the old chicken coup.  I didn’t initially intend to do these, but as I was painting out back by the chicken coup, I noticed these guys in the greenery with fading red and yellow details.  I happened to have those colors, so I decided, why not?



I’m planning on painting just a few more things around the homestead in the days to come.  So stay tuned for more!


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