Garden Update


The sunflowers in the cut flower garden are looking GREAT!  So great in fact that I actually made two bouquets out of them and took them up to my college!  I gave one of them to my student adviser (for all of the hard work she’s done for my brother and I), and then I left one at one of the sign in desks with a note attached saying ‘Random flowers, from a random student, to make random people smile‘.  According to the student working behind the desk that day, everyone loved the secret flowers!



My cosmos are in full bloom and I can’t cut them as fast as they are blooming!  I just cut a bouquet of these lovely flowers for one of my grandmothers (not the one I’m living with) and delivered them to her the other day.  I need to start giving these away to family and friends, but it feels like I never have the time to do that.  Maybe I’ll cut some of these and leave them at my college as my second ‘mystery bouquet’.  One thing is for sure about these flowers, the bees LOVE them!



The zinnias are as pretty as ever and there were at least a dozen butterfly’s out there flying around when I was taking pictures.  I just picked a bouquet of these as well for my grandmother (the one I live with) and, like with the cosmos, I can’t seem to pick these as fast as they bloom!  These are the zinnias that I saved the seeds of last year.  Most of them are ether a shade of pink, or purple.  It’s kind of a disappointment because I was hoping for more color this year..  Something I’ll have to think about for next year..



My very first cucumber is ready to pick!  I’m so glad that these are doing okay.  My cucumber plants that were planted in the ground were looking a little sad and deathly since I’ve planted them.  (The cucumbers in the pot are looking SO much better!)



I’m happy to report that my tomatoes are FINALLY turning red!  I’ve seen a lot of tomatoes growing over the past two weeks or so, and I have been waiting for them to turn that beautiful red color that means that they are ready to pick.  (These aren’t quite there yet, but they’ll be ready soon!)


As for some of the other plants that I don’t have pictures of; there aren’t many pole beans to pick at the moment, the peppers are just starting to flower but don’t have any actual peppers growing at the moment, the carrots are growing better then expected, and the potatoes tops are slowly dying off.  All in all, the gardens are doing great!  (Especially considering we had such a late start to our spring here in the North.)


I hope that everyone else is having as pretty of a day as I am!  Don’t forget to smile, and remember to make someone else smile today too.  (Maybe pick someone some flowers..?  That always brings a smile to the people I pick my flowers for!)


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