What I learned the first week of college..

  • I learned a LOT about my teachers..
  • I learned that not every class is going to be fun.
  • I learned that not every teacher is going to be nice. (Not with my teachers, they’re great!  But a friends teacher..)
  • I learned why the college allows you to switch or drop classes 1-2 weeks into the semester.  (See above..)
  • I learned that the teachers are just as nervous (if not more nervous) as their students for the first week of college.
  • I learned that EVERYONE is just as nervous as you for the first week of college.
  • I learned that you actually have to have ‘proof’ you have anxiety before you can sign up for disability for it..
  • I learned that your mood can affect the entire mood of the class. (Good or Bad)
  • I learned that when teachers ask a question, someone needs to answer it (so that they can continue with what they probably practiced in front of the mirror for hours for).
  • I learned that you’ll always end up having a class with at least one other student from another class.
  • I learned that college food isn’t too bad!
  • I learned that college is going to be both easier AND harder then I thought.
  • I learned that there will always be opportunities to make friends throughout college, if you’re willing to talk to people.
  • I learned that I often surprise myself..
  • I learned that I can do it on my own, but I can also always ask for help.
  • I learned a few secrets to negotiating prices down for a car. (Personal Finance Class..)
  • I learned that teachers have a complex life outside of school..  (And that the class will probably hear ALL about it!)
  • I learned that if I have a problem in class, at least one other student probably has the same problem.
  • I learned that college students walk a LOT!
  • I learned that any anxiety for college disappears by the end of the day.  (Only to re-appear the next morning.)
  • I learned that college feels more like home then I thought it would.
  • I learned that I am a LOT more social then I thought I was..
  • I learned that family is everything (especially when you go to college with your brother).
  • I learned that friends need to support each other.  College is hard and you always need someone on your side.
  • I learned that even in a small community college, the campus is still big enough to walk around for a week and STILL not see everything!
  • I learned that no matter what the reason you went to college for, there is someone who went for the same reason.  (Money, family pressure, career goals, personal growth, etc..)


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