50 Reasons to ‘Fall’ in love with Fall..

It’s finally Fall time!  Here are 50 reasons to fall in love with Fall!  (Because now it’s an appropriate time to actually like this stuff!)



1. Pumpkin EVERYTHING!

2. You get to rake leaves!  And then jump in them! (You’re NEVER too old for that!)

3. Corn mazes are the funnest thing to do in the fall!

4. Eating candy corn becomes socially acceptable!

5. You can have a bon fire without sweating your butt off!

6. Apples are everywhere!

7. Color is everywhere!

8. Boots are in style again! (If you’re in the country, boots were never out of style in the first place!)


10. Hot drinks are back baby!


11. Smores are a thing again!

12. It’s finally cool enough to start camping again!

13. You get to see amazing Halloween decorations!

14. Haunted houses are amazing (especially if you’re working in them)!

15. No one can yell at you for watching Halloween movies! (NO August is NOT to early to be watching Hocus Pocus!!)

16. Curling up in a blanket and reading a book becomes an everyday thing again! (Especially with morning coffee or hot cocoa!)

17. It’s finally time to harvest your gardens!

18. Not a gardener?  Perfect time to go to the farmers market and support local gardeners / farmers / homesteaders!

19. Hoodies and bluejeans become the new fashion statement!

20. Hunting season is back y’all!


21. Walks through the woods become magical!

22. Halloween/Thanksgiving/Samhain/Fall Equinox!

23. Fall smelling candles get to go in every room of the house!


25. Warm flannel PJ’s!

26. Sleeping with the window open! (And loving the fuzzy blankets!)

27. Picnics become 100X better!

28. Road trips become 100X better!

29. Hide and seek becomes 1,000X better!!! (Especially when you hide in a pile of leaves!)

30. Scaring people is considered funny and not mean!  WOOH!


31. Fall festivals!

32. Caramel apples are fricken amazing!

33. Everyones eyes are open to farming.

34. The way a breath of air feels so much cleaner and refreshing.

35. NO, MORE, BUGS!!!

36. Small towns are the place to be!

37. Sunflower bouquets!

38. Sunny days turn to cloudy and spooky days!

39. You can bake things without the oven overheating the whole house!

40. Candy goes on sale after Halloween!


41. Friends and Family seam to come together a lot more!

42. Rainy days are back and better then ever!

43. Poetry about Fall!

44. Songs about Fall!

45. Country drives through the country with the windows down!

46. Warm cuddles on the couch with a cat (or your significant other)!

47. Watching the deer change habits!

48. Watching flocks of migrating birds fly over your house!

49. Nice frosty mornings!

50. How quiet and still the woods are..


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  1. Hehe. :p Fall time is my favorite season too! So much so, that we named our youngest daughter Autumn. ❤ Hope you're enjoying October so far! I am sure am. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      • I know, right? 🙂 It’s funny, though, because she was born at the end of July. But she does love the fall time. A chance to be more fashionable. And I agree! The fall time makes life more cozy and captivating. I LOVE all the fall time decor, especially when I walk into Hobby Lobby or Kirkland’s (inside the mall). I want it all! ❤ The aroma of autumn wafting inside my home (from wax melts or my essential oil diffusers) brings me much joy. So does breathing in pumpkin spice from my daily cups of coffee. Big, fuzzy blankets and the sound of rain adds to my love for all things autumn. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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