Day 1: A Week in the Life of a College Student

Day 1: Monday


This morning I woke up pumped for the day!  (And anxious.)

I’ll be honest..  I’m still anxious every morning before going to college, and I still struggle with my anxiety a lot during college.  But I’m managing well enough..

I go into college at 9:30 a.m. today.  So that means that this morning is spent waiting around until my brother and I can drive to college together..  I normally take this time to get some work done on my computer and work on my Blog and Facebook.  Since my homework is normally done by the weekend, I don’t have anything school related that needs done this morning.

Come 9:30, my brother and I take the short drive over to college.  I normally walk around before class, but considering it is a chilling 40 degrees out today, I think I’ll skip that and just go right on into my Business building and sit down in the comfy chairs..

At 10:00, I went up to my classroom to wait for the previous class to get out.  Finally, I took my seat inside and waited for the rest of the class to show up (I get there early).

Today in Business class, we discussed different marketing techniques for the first half of class.  We basically just went over how other businesses market their products, and what type of marketing techniques we were going to use for our business plans.  Then, for the second half, we got to eat pizza that the teacher ordered, and work with our groups on our business plan.

(In the first week of Business class, we got to pick groups and form a ‘business’.  We then had to start working with our ‘business groups’ to form a ‘business plan’ for said ‘business’.  At the end of the semester, we have to present a business plan on the ‘business’ we created to the entire class and our teacher.)

I got off lucky with a pretty great group for my business plan group.  We are doing a ‘hunting and fishing’ store as our business, and it’s actually a lot of fun!

After class ended, I talked to a friend of mine from my class about a top secret project that him and I are working on for my blog, and then I walked around with my friend Olivia for a bit.

Normally, by now, it’s lunch time and I’m eating lunch at the ‘Bird Feeder’ with a group of my friends.  However, things went off course today..

My friend Kenna called me in tears and I literally ran to meet up with her.  (I felt bad for having to leave my friend Olivia, but my friend Kenna sounded like she really needed a friend today..)  I would like to take a moment to explain what I seen when I found my friend, and to thank a random girl I barely knew for doing what she did:

My best friend Kenna was standing outside of a building across campus, waiting for me.  When I seen her, a girl from my Business class (who had been sitting outside the building doing homework at the time) seen my best friend in distress.  She had talked to my friend and had given her a hug.  When I ran up to Kenna, the girl from my Business class was still embracing my friend and telling her soothing words in an attempt to calm her down.  I thanked the girl for being with my friend when I couldn’t get here fast enough, and for hugging her and trying to calm her down.  Not many people would go up to a crying stranger and ask them if they were alright.  I am forever grateful for this girl and her kind heart.

When I finally asked my friend what was wrong, my heart sank as she told me the news..  A boy, just 18 years old, and a very dear friend of my friend Kennas, was in a car crash less than 24 hours ago.  He went to the same college as us and we seen and talked to him almost every day at college while we ate lunch in the Bird Feeder.

I sat with my friend as she cried over the loss of a close friend, and comforted her the best I could.  Finally, my brother came to find me to tell me that it was time to go to our next class.  (We have two classes together.  Personal Finance, my next class, was one of them.)  I told him to let the teacher know that I was going to be a little late, and after about ten minutes or so, I texted my brother and asked him to let the teacher know that I wasn’t going to be able to make it into class today.  I just didn’t have the heart to leave my friend as she sat there crying in the middle of campus..  Thankfully, I have an amazing and understanding teacher (who actually happens to be the same teacher I have for Business class) for Personal Finance, so I didn’t feel too bad about skipping because I knew he would understand.  (Disclaimer: This is actually the first class I have skipped class all semester.  And I personally think that it was for a very good reason.)

Kenna and I walked around campus for about an hour and a half today.  I listened to Kenna as she talked about her friend who had passed away, and I looked through pictures with her of the young man from his high school days.

It is a sad day indeed when we loose someone so young and so pure.  I would like to take a moment of silence to honor this young man who was taken away from us too soon..






After calming my friend down enough to the point where she could drive home, I made sure she was okay to drive and I sent her on her way.  (I made her promise to text me when she made it home safe.)

My brother and I drove home as well after that, and my brother filled me in on what I missed in class today (which wasn’t much).  The benefits of having 2 classes with my brother: he comes in handy on a day like today..

When I got home (after having issues with my car not wanting to shut off), I took a shower and a nap to clear my head of what today brought.

Today reminded me of how short life is, and how fragile we are as human beings.  It made me want to hug all of my friends close, and my loved ones a little closer..  I encourage you to do the same today, because you never know what tomorrow might bring..

I swear that most days at college aren’t normally like this!  It’s normally very relaxed and easy going at college.  It’s very unfortunate that I picked this week to start my ‘week in the life of a college student’..  But I remind myself that stuff happens, including this stuff, and we have to play the cards we are dealt.

So I hope that you remain with me in this week long adventure, and that this hasn’t in any way deterred you from reading more.

With that, I must go work on some homework for school this week and then hit the hay..


Hug your loved ones tight, embrace your friends, and love openly. ❤


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  1. Oh, my goodness. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your best friend’s–friend. That breaks my heart for Kenna, the boy’s family & friends, you and everyone else affected. 😦 I took a moment to pray for him and his family, including Kenna, you and the girl from your business class who comforted your friend. ❤ God is always loving, compassionate, forgiving…And He does miracles! I've witnessed many! ❤ Hang on to HOPE because the boy who passed away will be restored to life when the Lord comes back. ❤ I don't know when that will be, but it will happen. I'll keep him, his family, Kenna and you in my prayers.

    I'm also very HAPPY to tag along with you during your daily adventures as a college student. As Farm Girl and Lover of Fall Time too! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your life with me and others. Like you, I LOVE when others are transparent/authentic, sharing their light and hope with others. Inspiration and encouragement are always needed.

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