Day 2: A Week in the Life of a College Student

Day 2: Tuesday


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So, today I ended up not going to college at all today..  I woke up sick (something I had picked up from my grandmother who was sick a few days ago), and after a few text messages and an email check, I found out that both of my classes for today were canceled for today.  What a relief!!!  Boy did I get lucky with that..

Sadly, my brother still had a class today, so he went to school by himself as I laid sick in bed and took the morning off.

With my head spinning and an upset stomach, I really didn’t do much school work in the morning or afternoon.

After lunch, I still wasn’t feeling well.  But school work still needed done..  I decided to get to work on my Spanish homework, which I managed to finish after about an hour or two.

In Spanish, I had to do some online homework where I had to listen to a Spanish words, and then drag them into the box where a picture of the object was.  Last week and this week we’ve been learning about objects in the classroom (desks, computers, chairs, etc.), and body parts on the human body (head, shoulders, knees and toes (knees and toes) etc.).

The second thing I did in Spanish was I had to watch a video in Spanish, with Spanish subtitles, and write in English what happened in the story.  The story started out sweet enough, with a romantic animated couple climbing a mountain and being all romantic and stuff..  Then, the video took an unexpected dark turn.  The couple got back to the car to drive home, got lost, and ended up driving through some strange tunnel.  When they got out of the tunnel, they found many ghost hand prints all over their car that they couldn’t wash off and started freaking out.  The video ended there..  Strange right?  But I’m guessing my Spanish teacher wanted to give us something ‘Halloween Themed’ and creepy.

After Spanish, I tried to work on some business homework, but my brain felt slow and sluggish due to my headache and not feeling well.  So I took a break and took a nap.

When I woke up, I tried once again to get a bit more business homework done..  I actually managed to read a bit of my business book before I had to stop again.  Finally, I just called it a night and attempted to get to bed.  I really hoped I would feel better the next morning..


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