Day 3: A Week in the Life of a College Student

Day 3: Wednesday


If you haven’t read day 2 yet, go read it here before reading day 3: 

Day 2: A Week in the Life of a College Student


I didn’t get enough sleep last night (if any at all).  I woke up feeling sick and headachy this morning.  It was all I could do to wake up and get myself ready for the day..

This week hasn’t been going the way I thought it would.  I thought that I would be able to write about happy stuff from college.  But in the past two days, I have gotten sick, someone I knew at college passed away, and some other personal stuff has been going on in my life.  But still I press on, determined to have ONE good day at college this week..!

My brother and I slowly drove to college in the rain and the fog that engulfed the outside world, carefully watching out for any signs of deer or fallen trees..

When I got to school, the rain had turned from a light drizzle, to a harder rain.  At least I can say that the weather matched my mood this morning.

My friend Sabation wasn’t behind the ‘help desk’ this morning when I walked in early for Business class, so I went and sat in the common area and edited my blog for a bit before class started.

When Business class started, I sat in my normal seat by the door and waited for the rest of class to get there.  We have small class sizes here at this college, so the teacher tends to wait until most of the class is there before he starts.

We talked some more about Marketing today, but most of the day was spent towards our Business plan.  Since we are ahead on that, my team just basically sat around talking and joking around while everyone else worked on their Business plans.

In between all of the joking around in class, I got to show off the awesome hat and beards that I crochet.  The guys had fun putting the hat and beard on and telling me that I needed to make us all some so that we could wear them for our business plan.  We’ll see guys..  We’ll see..

After class, the weather had only gotten worse..  The wind had picked up, and the rain was coming down in a slant now.

Sabation still wasn’t there when I walked my friend Olivia out to her car, and I was about to give up looking for him when he came out of the Business building with an umbrella.  I walked with him over to one of the other buildings across campus, and then went to go eat lunch with my brother and my friend Kenna.

I wasn’t too hungry at lunch today, so I got something from the vending machines.  I got what I thought was a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie..  What I ate was an oatmeal raisin cookie for lunch..  I really need to get better at paying attention..

After an hour break for lunch, it was time for Personal Finance.  Today in class, they finished up the lecture from Monday, so it was a rather short class..  I felt pretty out of place because I wasn’t able to shown up to class on Monday (See Day 1 for more info), and I had a bit of trouble keeping up.  Thankfully though, I had my brother for questions if I had any, because he takes that class with me.

After class, I needed to do an interview with a staff member for my Education Exploration class.  It’s a half a semester class that all freshman have to take, where you learn about the college and you talk about why you’re there in the first place.

Thankfully, I ran into my friend Sabation on the way out of class, and he was kind enough to show me exactly where the lady’s office was that I was interviewing!  So that got me out of going to that building and asking around for someone I didn’t know.

We had to wait an hour until her office hours were open, so with luck, happen to find my friend Kenna in the building and just sat with her!  Kenna, Sabation, my brother, and I all had a good laugh while waiting.  But quicker then I thought, 2:30 hit and it was time for me to go do the interview.

The interview was actually less scary then I thought it was going to be.  I interviewed a lady in the Agriculture department (we have to interview someone who has something to do with our major), and for a big chunk of the interview we just ended up talking about the soil, and genetically modified food, and how the environment was connected with everything.  It was really fun to spend about twenty minutes talking to her.  It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to sit down and have a deep conversation about agriculture with someone who really knows what they are talking about!

The interview went so great in fact, that it reminded me of something I was starting to forget..  It’s been a tough week.  Heck, a tough month!  And with that, I was starting to loose that little spark for why I went to college in the first place..  Don’t get me wrong, I love business class!  It’s my favorite class so far, and I’m learning lots of important stuff for my future business!  But Agriculture is where I’m most happy.  Digging in the dirt, planting new things, learning about the earth.  That’s where I thrive!  And talking to this lady, hearing about her story on how she got into teaching, and why she loves teaching agriculture, it shed some light on that spark that was starting to fade.  I am so thankful I was given this assignment, and that I was given the chance to talk to someone who could return that spark to me.

Right after the interview, I left her office feeling happier than ever, with a new sense of purpose.  I met up with my brother and Sabation, who were waiting for me right outside the office, and I said my goodbye’s to Sabation before my brother and I went home.  (Only to grab my library movies from home and return them to the college library because I forgot they were due today.  THEN, we went home.)

It’s been a long but happy day today.  I got to see all of my friends.  I got my spark back.  And when I got home, I got ice cream!

Eventually, I had to buckle down and do homework.  I proof read my interview and sent it into my teacher (I wrote it in the car while it was still fresh in my mind on the way home from school).  I finished almost all of my homework for that Education class, then called it a night and attempted to get some sleep..

Day three wasn’t so bad.  I liked day three!  I hope the other days go as smooth as today went..  Don’t forget to check out day 4 when it comes out!  The link will be below!

Day 4: A Week in the Life of a College Student


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  1. Hi, friend! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a good day. After reading about Day Two, I’m happy to know Day Three was much better. Joyful and exciting, actually!

    So glad you’re keeping up with homework despite the setbacks. I’m always inspired by those who press on, accomplishing what they’ve started. No matter what! I’m really committed to certain tasks, goals, and responsibilities. But there are things that I’ve failed to complete. I’m seeking the Lord for guidance and help in order to enjoy the process, concerning all I do. No more rushing, being impatient, or trying to make things happen sooner than they need to.

    I smiled while reading about the interview you had with the lady from the Agriculture Department. Had no idea this is your top passion, which I think is awesome! I LOVE nature too! And it’s SO therapeutic! My husband wants to start a garden once we move. Our veggies will be healthier and his wallet will be happier. LOL! Organic, gluten-free…foods can be so expensive!

    ❤ I’m also happy that you got to hang out with your friends. ❤

    Also, I had no idea that you like to crochet. Can you make beanies and fingerless gloves? That would be awesome! Would be super cute to sport in the fall and winter time! I used to crochet when I was little, making dresses for my Barbie dolls. Hehe. They did look fashionable, I must say.

    Look forward to Day Four!

    Hugs & Blessings,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Goodness it’s been a busy week! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond! That’s awesome that your husband wants to start a garden when you move! Although I don’t know about how much ‘cheaper’ it’ll be.. By time you get everything you need to start a garden, it’ll feel like it’s more money than it’s worth. But the food is SO much better when it’s home grown and picked straight from the garden! ❤

      I love crocheting but I can't for the life of me follow a pattern.. I just kind of wing it on a lot of the stuff I make. I'm honestly not sure how I do it.. I just look at a picture of something I want to crochet, and then next thing I know I'm holding a finished product in my hand that is exactly what I wanted it to be! (Maybe it's magic..) I HAVE made beanies before and they are a lot of fun to make because they don't take a lot of concentration. As for the fingerless gloves; I've made fingerless mittens before, but have not tried to make fingerless gloves (they look a lot more complicated than fingerless mittens). I used to crochet hats and scarves for my baby dolls too! It used to be so much fun to make them 'winter outfits'!

      I hope you are having a great day! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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