Day 4: A Week in the Life of a College Student

Day 4: Thursday


If you haven’t read day 3 yet, go read it here before reading day 4: 

Day 3: A Week in the Life of a College Student


This is my theme song for today:

I’ve been singing along to it all morning as I prepare for another day of college.

This morning, I have to re-pack my backpack for the day.  Bye bye Business and Personal Finance books, hello Spanish book and computer!

Today I have Spanish and Computer class.  Not the most ‘fun’ day in my week, but I actually enjoy Spanish, so I suspect it’s (hopefully) be a good day.

My brother and I left at 8:30 today.

I’m always happy when we get to leave earlier rather than later because that means that I don’t have to wait around all morning.  I don’t have class until 10, but my brother has a class at 9 and we carpool, so going early it is!  I normally spend mornings like this (when I have an hour wait time before my first class) walking around or sitting with my friend Kenna in the main building.

Today I sat with my friend Kenna.  We talked a bit about homework and things that were going on around college, including the big Halloween Party that’s happening on Halloween night.  We already have our costumes all picked out, but shhh, it’s a surprise..

Just before my first class, I decided to walk over to the Business building and say hi to my friend Sabation who was working.  Then, at 10, I met my brother over in the theater building where we have Spanish together.  I didn’t like the idea of having classes with my brother at first, but I’m actually really thankful that I have two classes with him and that I get to see him everyday.

So, today in Spanish we talked about this video we had to watch and translate into English, and we played a game of ‘Simon Says’ in Spanish (which was really fun).  We Also talked a bit more about this book we are reading in Spanish called ‘Pobre Ana’.

I was pretty tired today (and truth be told a little energy sapped) and it was all I could to try to stay awake during class..  Thankfully though, I made it through without falling asleep!

After Spanish, I had just under twenty minutes in between classes, and I used that time to do what I always do.  I ran (literally) to see my friend Kenna over at the lunch room, gave her a big hug, talked with her for about ten minutes, and then ran (literally) to my next class: Computer Class.

I suck at computer class.  And this month, we switched from learning how to do Microsoft Word, to Microsoft Excel.  I liked Microsoft Word MUCH better..  Thankfully, I sit with an awesome group of friends, and the three of us manage to come up with most of the answers on our own and we help each other out when need be.  Usually, the only time we have to ask the teacher for help is when all three of us don’t know the answer to the same problem.

After computer class, I went looking for my brother in the library (where he normally is), and ended up finding him in the main building talking to Sabation.  I sat and talked with them for a while, and then eventually Marshall and I went home and Sabation went to class.

When I got home I immediately took a shower, got into my PJ’s, and crashed.  I honestly had been so tired today that I didn’t care that it was almost 4..  Nap time was mandatory today if I wanted to be able to function enough tonight to get homework done.

After my nap, I procrastinated just a ‘little’ bit on homework..  I did some work on the computer for my blog, I finished a movie I started watching the other day, and I talked to some friends (both online, and over the phone).

After a while, I decided that it was too late to do homework, and I ended up just going to bed.  (Irresponsible, I know!)  I plan to catch up on homework over the weekend, like I always do.


Well, there you have it..  Another day at college!  (Not the most ‘interesting’ day, but after the week I’ve been having so far, I’m thankful that it was rather boring!)

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