Day 5: A Week in the Life of a College Student

Day 5: Friday


If you haven’t read day 4 yet, go read it here before reading day 5: 

Day 4: A Week in the Life of a College Student


Today, I woke up with a lot of anxiety because of a test I have to take today.  I only have one class today on Friday, and that is my Education Exploration class; a mandatory class for all freshman new to this college.

My brother and I left at a bright an early 8:30 in the morning this morning. (I was thankful to get this class done and over with this morning!)  When we arrived at the college, I waited outside the classroom with a few other students who had arrived early.  I got to talking with another student from this class about how this class went, and what we were going to miss about this class, and we both agreed that the people in this class were what we were going to miss the most.

When class finally started, we split off into groups and worked on our final exam.  There were two parts to it, and we talked about what the answers were after we had them all filled out.  (This is just one of those half a semester classes, so our ‘final exam’ was way more chilled out then most exams actually are.)  I was surprised when that class was finally over (both for the day and the semester), because it felt like the class was dragging on and on today..

As much as I hated doing the homework for this class, I’m sad that it’s over, and I’m sad that I’m not going to see much of my classmates again except around campus.

After class, I went to the library to pick up some movies for the weekend that my Grandmother and I could watch together.  (I do this every week just for something for us to do together.)  My grandmother likes the movies I pick up, and I try my best to get movies that she hasn’t seen before (which is really easy).  Today, I picked up ‘The Lego Movie‘ and ‘Instant Family‘.

After picking up the movies (and an agriculture book to read for fun), I went to the SAC (Student Activity Center) to wait for my study group to get here and computer homework.  A few friends of mine in computer class made a little pact to meet here on Fridays so that we can do our computer homework together and help each other out.

My brother takes a rock climbing class in this building as well, and he normally comes and joins us when that class ends.  Today however, I there was no sign of him after rock climbing class.

Sadly, after about a two hour wait, both members of my study group canceled on me (one because of being sick and one because they couldn’t get a ride over to the college).  So I went to go find my brother and go home.

My brother and I stopped at the store on our way home to get stuff to make ‘Puppy Chow’.  We haven’t had it in so long, so he agreed to buy the ingredients, if I made it.  When I got home, I was finally able to get my computer homework done that was due tonight.  It sucked like usual, but at least it’s done.

After that, I ended up watching a movie with my grandmother and pulling apart flowers to save the seeds from them.  I went to bed pretty late tonight, exhausted, and once again I didn’t get much homework done.  But that’s what the weekends are for right??

Another day come and gone..  And not much work to show for it.  The weekend is sure to be better.. (Right?!)  For now, I bid you a goodnight, and I hope that your day was more productive as mine.


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  1. Hehehe..can feel you when it comes to college life.It sure can be tiring.But aahhh 😦
    I would trade anything to spend time with my fam 😦 Sometimes it sucks living in a hostel..But your post made me feel at home..It had that homely, refreshing feel to it..Continue posting your updates..Would love to read them more..Have a great day!!

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    • Thank you so much for reading! I am VERY thankful to be living at home with my grandparents while going to college! (Although I’ll admit that my family drives me crazy quite often..!) I’m glad I could make you feel at home, feel free to come back and re-read this ‘week in the life of’ series any time you’re feeling homesick 😉 and have a wonderful day yourself! ❤

      Liked by 2 people

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