Fall Walk Down Main Street

The other day after a hard day of college, my brother and I drove into town to pick up some stuff from the store.  While we were there, I convinced my brother to walk around with me to take pictures of all of the scarecrows I had seen around town all month.  To my dismay, only three of the scarecrows were out, all the rest were no longer there.  Apparently, the reason for the scarecrows were for a contest between the shop owners.  I had see one in particular in front of a bank where a scarecrow was climbing up a ladder with a bag full of money, and a cop scarecrow was underneath him getting ready to climb up after him.  I was SO disappointed I couldn’t get that picture for you guys to see!  But here are the ones I could take a picture of:

After a walk around town, I happen to run into my friend Kenna!  (Who had just gotten out of college as well and had some time to spare before work.)  I convinced her to walk around town with my brother and I and I handed her the camera to take pictures (she loves taking pictures).  So here, are some pictures from our Fall walk around the main street of one of our many little towns around the area..


I love this picture, because it’s such a pretty shop and I love the brick sidewalk! ❤


Kenna loved taking pictures of the flowers!

And there were so many flowers and pumpkins to take pictures of!



Kenna, my brother, and I, found a little candy shop in town and we all stopped to check it out.  I got some rock candy and Kenna got a caramel apple!



I love this picture! ❤ I hardly get pictures of my brother and I..



With most of the leaves are starting to fall to the ground, so I’m glad that Kenna snapped a picture of this.  I was worried that I wouldn’t get any pictures of the trees with their colorful leaves on them.


There are plenty of more pictures to see from my walk HERE on my Facebook Page!  I hope you head on over there and check out all of the amazing pictures that my friend Kenna and I took (there are a lot of them!), and don’t forget to Follow and Like my Facebook page!

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