Matthew Grice: The Man Behind MDG Outdoors.


(This is a sponsored post.  However, this is also my honest opinion on a YouTube page that I truly think that more people should check out.  I do not own any of these pictures, but I do have full permission from MDG Outdoors to post everything I wrote about in this blog post.)


With a YouTube Channel started just over a year ago, Matthew Grice is slowly growing bigger as a future YouTube star. He is known for his hunting channel; MDG Outdoors.

Matthew Grice

I met Matthew Grice at college where we both attend a business class together.  Matthew wasn’t shy about showing off his YouTube channel, and eventually, I told him about my blog.  We started playing around with the idea of doing a project together on both of our sites, and here it is!  I got the privilege to talk with Matt about his YouTube channel, and his life outside of MDG Outdoors for a blog post.  It was so much fun getting to know more about him and writing a post about his life and how his YouTube Channel came about.  So please, read about my good friend Matthew Grice, go check out his YouTube Channel, and watch out for a special shout out about yours truly (me) in his next video! 😉



Matthew Grice; The Younger Years:

Matthew Grice grew up in the small town of Marcellus Michigan (GO WILDCATS!) with two older brothers, one younger sister, and two loving parents.  He grew up as a typical small town country boy who loved all things hunting and the word of Christ.

He attended a small private christian school for most of his school years, but transferred to Marcellus High School for his last two years of school.  In school, Matthew could usually be found hunting, playing sports, or hanging out with friends and family.

Although Matthew loved sports in high school, he didn’t like how they interfered with hunting season, so eventually, he stepped away from sports to focus more on hunting.  This, is where his now flourishing YouTube Channel, became a bigger priority.



Matthew was only 9 years old when he first started hunting big game.  He practiced hunting all summer long with his father, target shooting every chance he got, until finally fall came around.

“My first animal (I killed) was a deer.  That was what I’d been working up to, a real ‘big game’ animal that was a little button buck.  I was 11 years old, and after many misses the previous two seasons, I practiced a lot and finally had a bow with sights on it (which changed the game for me)!  The deer came in at 10 yards, presented me with a good shot, and I took it.  I just remember sitting there in the tree stand, (kinda bored because I was a little kid) and there was a blur I was in, like a daydream.  Then all of a sudden a brown spot came into my vision, and it was a deer!  I just remember being so excited; finally accomplishing that goal, and finally being able to say ‘I killed a deer’!  To this day, I’m still the youngest kid in the Grice family that has killed a deer with a bow, so that was a huge accomplishment!”





(Above; Matthew Grice and his father)

Hunting has been a family tradition in the Grice family for many generations.  Matthew’s grandfather started the family off hunting, and it got carried on down the line to Matthew’s father, and then onto Matthew and his siblings.

“Since I was probably 5 or 6, my dad would take me with him in the blind.  I recall very specifically; my dad using a rope and literally pulling me up the tree stand (he didn’t want me falling and climbing), because he wanted me (his little buddy) in the woods with him.  And you could tell that that passion, he really helped instill in me from a very young age.”

Hunting was not just a ‘family tradition’, or a ‘hobby’ to Matthew.  It was a spiritual connection as well.  It was a way to be closer to God and a time that he could talk with God ‘one on one’ and watch his beautiful creations at play.  Hunting was also a way to calm down after a long tough day of work.  (A stroll through the woods is enough to calm anyone down!)


The Making of MDG Outdoors:


In 2016 MDG Outdoors became a simple thought.  Matthew loved hunting, and wanted to spread his knowledge with the world.  But there was also something else he wanted to do as well; he wanted to share the gospel word of Jesus Christ.

It took him and his family/crew about a year to develop the MDG Outdoors YouTube Channel.  They worked out what they wanted from the channel, as well as what they wanted it to encompass.

In 2017 MDG Outdoors put out it’s first two videos.  Sadly, not long after, their video guy at the time got too busy in life (as we all do) and they ended up with a year long gap of just gathering footage and not knowing what to do with it.

In 2018 Matthew got a call from a friend saying that they should go to the ATA (Archery Trade Association) show and present MDG Outdoor‘s videos.  With a lot of hard work and determination, Matthew Grice taught himself to edit videos just enough to put some rough drafts of his hunting videos together.  He bought about 20 flash drives, put some videos on it, and passed them out to as many companies as he could.

All of his hard work was about to pay off..  Not long after, a few of the companies reached out to him and offered to sponsor and support him.  He was a success in the making!


MDG Outdoors started to produce more videos after that.  Matthew got more people to help shoot the videos and hunt on camera, he himself spent more time out in the woods/fields hunting, and things were starting to look up for him.

In 2019 Matthew Grice graduated from high school and applied at SMC to go to college.  Here, he took a business class (among other classes) to further MDG Outdoors, as well as set the road map for possible back up plans for his life.  (Smart man!)



MDG Outdoors and Their Mission:

The name MDG Outdoors, is an abbreviation of Matthew’s name.  Matthew D Grice.  During the first year of development for the YouTube Channel, Matthew and his crew struggled with coming up with a name for it.  It wasn’t until Matthew’s camera man, Ryan Brimmer, threw out the idea that they should use Matthew’s initials for the name, like many other hunters do.  The name had a great ring to it and it stuck.  MDG Outdoors officially had a name!

As for their mission, I believe Matthew says it best:

“Once we got our two main goals in line, which was first of all to share the gospel message of Jesus Christ, and then second of all to share real truthful hunting tips, that was kinda the idea we had running into it.  There are a lot of shows out there that are in these huge buck states, with these thousand acre farms, and a lot of their tips just aren’t accurate for these Michigan hunters or hunters that hunt public or heavy pressured areas.  Our bucks here just won’t fall for a lot of that stuff, and we wanted it (MDG Outdoors) to be real truthful stuff all across the bored and God honoring.




MDG Outdoors and Their Future:

The future of MDG Outdoors is in Gods hands now.  With the cost of hunting going up, and the sport of hunting leaning more towards money rather than a way to feed your family, Matthews hope is that the sport can someday go back to it’s original glory days.  He hopes to be the one to show people more about hunting and God through his channel, and to get more people out in the woods enjoying these beautiful creatures that God created.

I believe that MDG Outdoors is going to go far, and I’m sure it will do amazing things for the future of hunting..  I can only hope that after hearing the story of MDG Outdoors, and the man behind it, that you’ll agree with me and support it by subscribing to his YouTube Channel and liking his Facebook page (see below).

Help support a dream.
Help support a lifestyle.
Help support a future you can believe in.


To check out MDG Outdoors, and support the amazing guys who work hard to make these videos.  Find out more by heading to one of their sites:

MDG Outdoors YouTube Channel

MDG Outdoors Facebook Page

(Warning: This Video contains video of hunting.  Some clips may be disturbing to some viewers.)


As always, have an amazing day, smile, and enjoy the ‘hunt’ for a more fulfilling life.  Again, please like and subscribe to MDG Outdoors, and keep an eye out for his newest video where he’ll be sporting a hat and beard made by me right here on the homestead!


((Full credit goes to all of the amazing people working at MDG Outdoors.  Including (but not limited to); Matthew Grice and his family, Chase Gowell, Kyle Reed, Thomas Zielinski, and Ryan Brimmer, who all do their part to keep the amazing hunting videos you see here coming.  Keep up the amazing work guys!))

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