What I’m Thankful For (2019)

This year, I’m a little late with writing my ‘What I’m Thankful For’ post, but I’m determined to write one all the same!  So without further ado, the five most important things that I’m thankful for this year!



I’m so thankful for friends this year.  Old, new, and future friends combined.  My friends at college have been my rock this year, and have helped me through the struggle of my first semester at college, they have made me laugh, they have helped me get out of my sad moods (even though most of them don’t even know when I’m in them), and some of them have helped me stay calm when my anxiety has tried to take over.  I’m also very thankful for my friends far away, who are always there to talk when I need someone to talk to.  I know that their lives keep them busy, so hearing from my old friends makes my entire day instantly better when we can find the time to talk to one another.



Family ❤

I am so very thankful for my for my family this year.  I’m thankful for my mother, who has helped me keep my head above water with all of the stress this year, and the one who I vent to most often about everything in life.  I’m thankful for my father, who is a pain in the butt, but makes me laugh often.  And most of all, I am thankful for my brother, who has been there for me a lot this year.  My brother not only moved home to Michigan this year, but is also going to college with me.  He has been my personal driver, my comic relief, the person I fight with over what radio station to listen to on the way to college, and a good friend.



My Gardens

My gardens have been a great thing for me to focus on this year.  My flower garden especially, has brought joy to many people in my life as I’ve given out bouquet after bouquet to my friends and family.  I can’t wait to see what I get to grow next year, and I truly hope that I can continue to grow my gardens year after year and learn more from the beauty of growing something from a small seed, to a huge flower or veggie.



My Blog, My Facebook, and My Etsy

I am so thankful for my blog.  My blog has allowed me to vent, it has allowed me to brighten peoples days, it lets me to connect with like minded people, and it helps me set a foundation for my future business that I am trying to start.  As for my Facebook and Etsy, although relativity new, I am also very thankful for them.  They are turning out to be great additions to my blog (especially the Facebook Page), and they are a lot of fun to (try to) keep up with.





College has taught me so many things already, and I’m only in the first semester!  I’m honestly so proud to call this place my home. ❤ I have met so many amazing people that have inspired me to do what I love and have encouraged me to keep following my dreams.  College has taught me how to start my future farm, and has changed my view of how I see the world.  I have learned how businesses work, how to speak and understand a little bit of Spanish, how to use Powerpoint, Excel, and Word, and how taxes work..  And that’s just from my first semester!  College has also taught me how to handle my anxiety a little better, and that I’m not the only only one with it there.  My friends at college have also taught me so many different ways to view the world, and how many ways you can live, in this beautiful world we live in.


I am honestly so thankful for so many things in my life, but these are the main five things that I am so insanely thankful for.

I would also like to add that I am so thankful for all of my readers, the other bloggers I follow, and the random people who come across my blog.  It’s you guys that keep me going with my blog, and make everyday worth writing.

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